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Walk Historic Kennewick First United Methodist Church Kennewick, Washington

This coming Saturday, October 17 as part of the Port of Kennewick 100th Anniversary celebration everyone  is  invited to join a 2-hour free guided walking tour around the past residences and businesses in the historic downtown Kennewick area.

About the Event
The Walk Historic Kennewick will be focusing on the origins and development of Kennewick from a tiny agricultural community and its distinctive buildings. The Port of Kennewick Commissioner and a downtown resident Mr. Tom Moak will describe the progress of downtown Kennewick. 

So if you have ever wondered about the JC Penney sign on a prominent corner or wanted to know about the earliest buildings existing and what they used to house, this is your tour! Who knows what or whom you will see?

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Annual Tri-Cities Women’s Expo TRAC Center Kennewick, WashingtonComing Saturday, October 16 the organizers of the 2015 Tri-Cities Women’s Expo is inviting all of you to come and enjoy the live jazz, bistro and wine, massage and makeovers, fashion and jewelries, samples and giveaways from over 100 participating vendors in their annual event.

Details of the 2015 Tri-Cities Women's Expo
Ann Steiger , the organizer aim to create an event that supports women and informs them about the regional services available to them. This year’s Expo Theme is “Groovy 60’s”. 

The event will be at TRAC located at 7016 W. Grandridge Boulevard Kennewick, Washington from 11:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening. There will be a $7 general admission that is valid for the 20 day long expo event.

For more inquiries please contact…

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Gypsy Ballads And Mass Of The Immigrants In Kennewick, WashingtonOn Friday, October 16 The Mid-Columbia Mastersingers Season concert series will open with a Spanish language program featuring Mike Edmondson on guitars for Romancero Gitano, soprano Mitzi Lunberg  and Nikki Torres narrator for the Misa de los Immigrantes at St. Joseph’s Chapel in Kennewick, Washington at 6:30 in the evening.

About Gypsy Ballads and Mass of the Immigrants 
Romancero Gitano or Gypsy Ballads as translated is a book of poems written by Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca, it was published in 1928. It is made up of 18 ballads revolving around the topic of the gypsy lifestyle, culture and customs. Romancero Gitano is the most bought book of Spanish poems and many bands used them as lyrics for their song.

This will be a three day event to…

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Terror Behind The Screne, Project 13, FreekShow 3D At Scaregrounds Kennewick, WashingtonOn the Fridays and Saturdays of October from 7:00 to 11:00 in the evening check out Benton County Scaregrounds as they feature three haunts in one location!

Terror Behind the Screen
You’ll visit a home – a comfortable suburban home like so many others. In it live a mom, dad, young boy and infant girl. They’re just like any other family, except for the red door in the attic. Click here to know more. 

Project 13
During World War II our troops captured many of Hitler’s doctors and scientists and offered them refuge if they shared with us their knowledge and skills. This aided in the development of our atom bomb at Hanford. Want to know more? Click here. 

Freakshow 3D
The carnival is in town! Blinking lights, twirling rides, and plenty of laughs… FOR…

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Visual Analytics: Story Telling Through Human Centered Design Kennewick, WashingtonOn Thursday, October 8 join Visual Analytics: Story Telling Through Human Centered Design at Mid-Columbia Libraries - Kennewick located at 1620 S. Union St. Kennewick, Washington at 7:00 in the evening.

Visual Analytics: Story Telling Through Human Centered Design
Presented by Russ Burtner, the event will talk about visual analytic research currently under development at PNNL. Russ will center the discussion around a Human Centered Design methodology, a process in which the needs, wants and limitations of users of a product are considered at each stage of the design process. Additionally he will discuss technical trends that will impact visual analytics in the next 5 to 10 years. 

For more information about the event click here.





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27th Annual Mid Columbia Duck Race In Kennewick, WashingtonFor over 27 years six local Rotary groups including the Rotary Clubs of Columbia Center, Columbia Valley Daybreak, Pasco-Kennewick, Richland, Richland Riverside and Tri-Cities Sunrise. Over $2 million has been raised in the 27 years since the duck race's inception have come together. This year the kick off for the Mid-Columbia Duck race will be held on Saturday, October 10 at Columbia Park in Kennewick (by the bandshell and Lampson Pits) from 10:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the afternoon.

More about the Event
The Mid Columbia Duck Race fundraiser has been going on for the past 27 years. During those 27 years the local Rotary groups have raised money used to support local human service organizations and projects.

You must be 18 years or older to…

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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer At Columbia Park Kennewick WashingtonOn Saturday, October 17 the American Cancer Society (ACS) is hosting Making Strides Against Breast Cancer a Walk for a Cause event to honor breast cancer survivors and raises awareness about the disease. There will be three categories you can opt to join: 1 mile, 5K and 10K walk. 

About the Event
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the Society’s leading event to raise awareness and funding to fight breast cancer. It is the nation’s biggest non-governmental breast cancer research supporter. The journey to end breast cancer begins with a single step. Join and save lives.

The American Cancer Society
ACS has been saving lives for more than a century and they vow to continue doing so until they finish the fight. Find out how ACS is putting your…

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Fall Barbershop Cabaret At Kennewick First Presbyterian ChurchOn Saturday, October 10 The Columbia River Chordsmen will be performing and entertaining you with harmonious cabaret style evening with pie and ice cream for dessert. The concert will be held at Kennewick First Presbyterian Church.

Details of the Fall Barbershop Cabaret
The Columbia River Chordsmen is a men’s chorus who sings family oriented, upbeat  songs without instrumental accompaniment (A cappella). The chorus is comprised of men from around Tri-Cities. Most of their songs is in that original American art form called “barbershop” (four part harmony). The chorus has several quartets who are often singing and strolling the Tri-Cities events on stage.

The site is located at 2001 west Kennewick Avenue Kennewick, Washington. The show will begin at…

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Skill Flux Tri-Cities The Southridge Sports Pavilion Kennewick, WashingtonOn Friday, October 2 gather your friends or family members to compete for the Skill Flux challenge and gain points at each and every station. The event will take place at The Southridge Sports Pavilion located at 2901 Southridge Boulevard Kennewick, Washington. 

About the Event
Skill Flux is a very challenging and exciting event for anyone ages 10 and above. There will be 18 stations of sports, hobbies and mental challenges that make up the Skill Flux event. Here are some of the games you will encounter during the Skill Flux challenge: Hockey targets, timed puzzles, basketball shots, Remote control car track, speed ping-pong, football targets, soccer targets, speed billiards and other games that comes with a twist.

Admission will be at $45. For…

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Ten Cent Treasure: A One-Man Show By Jay Frank Zinful Panini Grill Kennewick, WashingtonThis coming Saturday, October 3 Ten Cent Treasure unearths the secrets of three mysterious legends of the past, treasure in a U.S. mint, the disappearance of the silver statue during Chicago World’s Fair and kidnapping and murder of an American Frontier  with a candlelight and luminous pictorial display storytelling with Jay Frank.  

About Jay Frank
Jay Frank of KEPR-TV is a master storyteller and a recipient of Presidential Scholar in Arts Medal and a Level 1 award in Writing from the National Foundation for the Advancement in Arts.

The event will be at Zinful Panini Grill and Wine Bar located at 114 W. Kennewick Avenue Kennewick, Washington. Inclusive in the admission fee of $35 are the show, dinner and dessert.

For more inquiries please call…

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