Internet connectivity has enabled us to address all our personal and professional communication without budging an inch from wherever we are stationed. And, that too internationally! So much for the world being a global village! Nevertheless, the whole business community across the globe, including Kennewick Washington is now reverting to personal interaction because of the need to identify presence beyond the world of anonymity, online. The brick and mortar office can never be completely replaced. There are a number of reasons why the cabinet and work station arena rules large, and here are the best five: "¢ Human interaction is still an integral part of any business. "¢ Employees are always more productive under supervision at the brick and mortar…

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A few days ago CNN posted an article about the decline of housing values nation wide. However, 33 metro areas were noted as posting gains. Among the 33 areas, CNN noted one area in particular: "The biggest winner will be the Kennewick, Washington metro area, where home prices have ramped up 8.9% over the past three years and are expected to increase another 3.4% by June 2010." As a Kennewick Wa Realtor®, we know all too well how well the housing market is doing. If needing a family operated, service oriented Kennewick real estate company, call us! We would love to be at your service.

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