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Listing Your Home to Sell | What We Will Do For You When Selling Your Home on the MLSListing Your Home to Sell | What We Will Do For You When Selling Your Home on the MLS (on a case by case basis)

When you list your Tri-Cities Washington home with us, you put in place the experience of a husband/wife team that together has over 70 years of real estate experience.  We love each other, love working with each other, are best friends, and for your sake, love real estate and the challenge of marketing your home.  What follows is the list we include when listing most homes.  We are certain you will see the effort we make when assuming the responsibility of listing your home for sale. (509) 438-9344 Call us, text us, email us, or contact us here.

Table of Contents & What We Do For most Listings:
1. Three Virtual Tours
2. Quality Photography
3. Drone Photography
4. Competent Home Pricing
5. Detailed Property Specifications
6. Marketing Your Home
7. About Us  (509) 438-9344 Call us, text us, email us, or contact us here.

1. Three Virtual Tours of Your Home [back to top]

We include three virtual tours.  All are important as they offer different features to the prospective home buyer. The tours are completed in-house which allows for all sorts of flexibility when listing your home with us.  An example of the three tours we include (best viewed in a full screen). Zillow requires their own tour!

Has the ability to be viewed using Virtual Reality glasses, the ability to measure rooms, and viewed in 3D:

Unique to this version of a virtual tour is the ability to click on a room in a floor plan for viewing,
and also the views of the exterior and street view:

...and one for Zillow exclusively:

2. Quality Photography of Your Home [back to top]

All of our photography is professional in quality and accomplished in-house.  Not having to rely on photography companies allows us to control the quality, schedule, timeliness, and last, return trips when needed.  Here are examples of photos we have taken recently for a real estate listing we have.  We include many photos on Flickr when creating marketing for your home.  Click on the image to see the entire slideshow:

1708 Castillo Court, Richland WA 99352 | Home For Sale

3. Drone Photography [back to top]

We recently went through the Federal Aviation Administration's requirements for Unmanned Aircraft and are properly licensed. Not an easy task, actually. We include drone footage with every listing unless the home is in Restricted Air Space. All real estate photography using drones for footage is required by the FAA to have a Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) license.  Not only does the photographer have to pass the basic aeronautics test, but will have to pass a Transportation Security Administration background check as well.  A few drone examples of a recent home:

Listing Your Home to Sell | What We Will Do For You When Selling Your Home on the MLS

Listing Your Home to Sell  What We Will Do For You When Selling Your Home on the MLS 

Listing Your Home to Sell  What We Will Do For You When Selling Your Home on the MLS

4. Reliable & Accurate Home Pricing [back to top]

We present you with comparable data relevant to what your home may sell for given the current market conditions.  We accurately provide statistical data that shows what your home is probably worth, what your home might sell for on the high end, then what you can expect to sell your home if you want to sell your home quickly.  In other words, we educate you about your home's worth and based on your need to sell the home quickly, or sell the home for the most you can get for your home, we make recommendations.  In the end, if you price your home is at the top of the curve, expect the home to be on the market for a longer period of time, and if you price your home at the bottom of the curve, expect the home to sell quickly.

What We Do Not Do Regarding Home Pricing
Sadly, some agents will swoon you with a high price knowing full well the home's price will have to be reduced after the said agent has your signed contract.  We do not employ this bait and switch tactic to garner your business.  For further information on this sort of practice, search in Google, "switch and bait home value in real estate" and you'll see other real estate professionals creating articles on the same tactic.

We do not "guarantee" the selling of your home.  This ploys often works because the agency lists your home under value and often times sells you the notion it's "their marketing" or some other influence unique to their company that sold your home quickly.  Often times, these real estate agencies will not even accept your home unless they can sell your home quickly and of course, at your expense.  To hear what others are saying, search "why do realtors guarantee sales," and you will read about what other industry leaders with integrity are stating about the "guarantee sale"  sales gimmick.

We Do Not Sell You with the Open House notion Granted, during these trying times Open Houses are not happening, but still worth a mention. Real estate agents will sell you on the idea of marketing your home through an Open House but what they do not tell you is that the purpose of an Open House in real estate is to garner buyer leads.  In other words, the Open House generates business for the Open House real estate agent at the expense of your privacy, your time, home safety, and your inconvenience.  Here is a great article on Open Houses for marketing.  Also, in the famous ABC 2020 Episode of Inside Secrets of a Real Estate Agent, go to time 3:30 of the video for comments on Open Houses.  The ABC 2020 video is a must-see and supports many of the points we are making,  and fortunately, the agents in our market are generally not guilty of many of the ploys in the video, but still a good watch for consumers.

We do not require the seller to have a home inspection then worse, require potential buyers to accept the sellers' home inspection.  There is a trend, hopefully, short-lived, where real estate agencies are requiring their sellers to have a home inspection done, then requiring prospective buyers to accept the home inspection.  Some real estate agencies make this requirement to avoid properties falling out of escrow due to the home inspection contingency.  This is a lose-lose situation for both sides, and in the end, the seller loses potential buyers because the sellers are requiring the prospective buyers to accept the home inspection, and buyers if not represented well by their real estate agent, put themselves at risk. We have personally had buyers who will not see a home due to the sellers requiring acceptance of the seller's home inspection.  For more information on this, watch this video from Washington State's REALTOR® legal hotline. Primarily posted to real estate agents, but very much recommended viewing for sellers, and buyers for that matter.

In the end, we educate you on your home's worth and do not employ any sort of gimmickry!

5. Detailed Property Specifications [back to top]

For buyers looking for detailed property specifications, we include most specs publicly available and those listed in your MLS listing.  We include Tax Accessor information, and our descriptions include most if not all detailed property information necessary for the prospective buyer to make an informed decision.  

Flyer Marketing of Your Home6. Marketing of Your Home [back to top]

Once all the information is gathered for your home, we place the information in a page on our website.  We then purchase a domain and forward the domain to the page on our website.  Once in place, we hand deliver and/or mail "Virtual Open House" flyers (see accompanying image for example) to your neighbors, adjoining neighborhoods, and neighborhoods that might have some influence in bringing a buyer to your home.  Last, and if needed, we do paid marketing and market the home via Google Adwords.  We do not do radio or print (i.e., newspaper) as these methods are ineffective and outdated, as not very many buyers are listening to the radio or reading newspapers nowadays.

Examples of domains we are or have used: www.7105WestPearl.site or www.2188NewhavenLoop.site or maybe the way you found yourself here, www.whatwecandoforyou.onlineMarketing is an online sort of thing nowadays.  www.JoeLane.com is one of the oldest domains on the internet.  Go ahead and see for yourself: https://www.iplocation.net/domain-age  Check www.JoeLane.com against any local real estate website, or even Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.  You'll see our domain is among the oldest and we bring those years of experience into the marketing of your home.

Of course, we include your listing in all the other sites, Realtor.com, Homes.com, Zillow.com, Craigslist, etc.  Some of the sites are paid subscriptions, some are manually inputted, and some are automatically syndicated.

7. Working With Just Us [back to top]

When you hire us, you hire US!  We do not hand off your listing and the communication of the listing to assistants, transaction coordinators, etc., therefore you have our full attention and experience, and most importantly, no communication is lost.  The Lane Real Estate Team of Colleen & Joe has worked together for all of their married life and you the seller benefits from such a great incredibly competent husband and wife team.

Your Complaint or Concerns
We do not get much of these, but we take responsibility for your complaints and/or concerns.  At the risk of sounding cliché, but we believe in the business principle of the customer is always right.  If you have concerns or complaints then we assume we probably screwed up and take responsibility!  We simply make things right.

USMC VeteranReal Estate & Life Experiences that Offers a Listing Home Advantage
If you've read this far, then let us list some qualifications that might help you in your search for a qualified home selling representative.

  • Joe and Colleen met in a real estate office 35 years ago, thus 70ish years of combined real estate experiences.
  • Personal experience from owning commercial, residential, investment, and land properties navigating city planning, municipal codes, renters and rentals, zoning and re-zoning, and much more.
  • Joe is a former United States Marine and brings the character traits common to the Marines that serve like leadership, discipline, loyalty, and faithfulness.  Semper Fidelis
  • Joe is a former Home General Building Contractor and Decorating & Painting Contractor, both of which brings all sorts of relevant skillsets to the real estate table.
  • Colleen and Joe hold several college degrees between them, real estate licenses in both California and Washington States, and Colleen is the Owner and Designated Broker of The Lane Real Estate Team.
  • We love the Tri-Cities!  Combined, we have lived in 7 countries, 7 states, and have chosen to live in Tri-Cities Washington.  We could have chosen and lived anywhere, but we chose Tri-Cities Washington.  There is something to be said about a husband/wife real estate team who has chosen Tri-Cities Washington to live over any other state, or country for that matter.
  • Last but not least, we are Christians and each and every day humbly try to be better than the previous day. 

Call us, 509.438.9344, Email us or fill out the contact form below.
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