August 2012

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This year the Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo is “Rock with the Stock,” come check out all the fair has to offer. Every year the year is a ton of fun for all ages. To start things off there is a Demolition Derby the night before the fair begins at 6:30pm with trials and 7:30pm is the racing; gates open at 4:00. There will be kiddie rides for the little ones and larger adrenaline pumping, carnival rides for the older ones. One could spend the whole day wandering through the exhibits, meeting new people, trying new food, and admiring the craftsmanship on display. There are also a wide variety of animals for show including sheep, cows, pigs, ducks, bunnies, and more. Of course there is also the Rodeo at 7:00pm Wednesday through Saturday, where there are

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Benton County was just named the most affordable metropolitan county in the state for first time homebuyers. This is a title Benton County is familiar with due to high wages, this is seen when looking at the first time homebuyer affordability index which is at 127.9(seasonally adjusted data). This means first time homebuyers come in with 28% more income than the minimum needed to qualify. When looking just one county over these numbers drop, in Franklin County the first time homeowner affordability index is 102.1, meaning first time homeowners come in with 2% more income then the minimum. This number is lower than Benton County but it remains higher then the statewide first time homeowner affordability index of 95.5, with the average homeowner throughout

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