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Selling Your Wonderful Home!Long History Of Online Marketing
My husband Joe and I have been marketing online since 1996. In fact, our domain name,, is one of the oldest domains in the Tri-Cities and among the oldest on the internet. In 1997 we were one of the 10 top finalists in a national contest put on by Home Office Computing for companies incorporating technology into their business.

Well Connected Online
We have mature and established accounts with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Active Rain, and Real Estate Webmasters, to name a few. For instance, we have over 1,000 folks following us on Twitter, over 1,500 fans on Squidoo, and we are the number one real estate agent in Benton and Franklin counties on Active Rain. What does this mean to you the home seller? Well, it shows you that we are actively marketing ourselves and gaining knowledge thru a presence and experiences thru these social networks. Much of what we will do to sell your property we have garnered thru our experience contributing to these online social networks.

An Abundance Of Content To Market Your Home
We are prolific writers on the internet, we have thousands of articles not only on our own website but other sites on the internet all pointed to our main website Additionally, we have thousands of blog entries on our own blogs and various other blogs around the internet, again, all pointing to our own website In fact, we won a real estate blogging contest in October 2007 held at Real Estate Webmasters, one of the premier real estate destination locations on the internet. In part, it’s thru these various blogs and websites that we effectively market a client's home. In addition to using our own websites for marketing, we create a website for each and every home we list. Creating a website for a seller’s home has proven to be quite effective.

We'll Give Your Home Search Engine Prominence
Perhaps our biggest selling point is the ability to rank a page or blog entry high in Google. All one has to do is do a Google search for any real estate term in the Tri-Cities and you will see one of our sites or blog rankings, probably number one if not within the top 3 spots. This is huge! The National Association of Realtors® in their most recent study has shown that as many as 90% of homebuyers start their search online.

Please consider us to list your home, as we are well-connected online and very experienced in marketing homes online. We can meet with you at your home and show you what we have to offer. Our approach to sales is one of no pressure; we simply present to you our qualifications and leave you to make the decision that best suits your needs. We are easy to get a hold of. You can either call me at 509-438-9344, Facebook me at, Tweet me at @colleenlane, LinkedIn at, or simply fill out a contact form here or below. Once again my phone number is 509-438-9344.

tri city wa seller representative | washington home listing | selling real estateOne of the best ways to take all of the stress out of your home, commercial property, or land sale is to surround yourself with the best, most professional, most experienced people you can find. At the top of that list should be a real estate agent that provides customer-oriented, personal service that is paired with extensive experience in the area you’re selling in. For the Tri-Cities area of southeastern Washington, The Lane Real Estate Team is just that.

Joe and Colleen Lane have experience in helping sellers of all sorts manage the sale of their property, from investment properties to single-family homes. They have seen the twists and turns a real estate transaction can take and have guided sellers calmly and efficiently through the process each and every time. It is that strong, professional presence Joe and Colleen Lane bring to every transaction they work on.

Selling a home, commercial property or lot is a processtri-cities homes sold | wa real estate selling that has a distinct collection of steps along the way. By going through those steps over the years, Colleen and Joe Lane have the insight and expertise needed at each and every step to ensure a smooth transaction. Need help getting your home in shape for potential buyers? Joe and Colleen Lane can help with that. Need advice on setting the price of your property? The Lane Real Estate Team has been pricing homes in the Tri-Cities area for years and that expertise can go to work for you.

Many Selling Tools are Available
By utilizing a wide range of marketing tools like the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database, yard signs, ads, open houses, and other tools, Colleen and Joe Lane have the ability to maximize the number of interested, relevant potential buyers that see your property. Getting a high level of traffic and ensuring that as many eyeballs as possible look over your property gives your home, commercial property, or lot the best chance of landing that perfect buyer with the perfect offer. Having gone through transactions in the Tri-City Wa area, Colleen and Joe Lane know just what methods to try and what works best in the area.

This website represents the tip of the iceberg of expertise held by the Lane Real Estate Team in the form of all of the articles relevant to sellers you can see over to the right of this page. Joe and Colleen Lane have set to work cataloging the tips and tricks they’ve learned throughout their extensive careers to better prepare you for the home sale ahead.

These articles offer a bit of the advice typical of a Lane Real Estate Team sale, but only scratch the service of the kind of personal, expert assistance you can expect when you list your home or property with Joe and Colleen Lane. Your personal, customer-oriented service will extend to help with all phases of the home selling process and is an approach that has been honed and fine-tuned through the sellers that have come to Colleen and Joe Lane for help selling their home, investment property, or piece of land.

tri city wa home selling | washington state seller representativeLet's Get Started Today!
Contact Colleen and Joe Lane today to get started selling your home with an experienced, polished real estate team that can give you the smooth, hassle-free transaction you are looking for. By going to great lengths to price, market, and stage your home or property properly, Joe and Colleen Lane give your home or property the best possible chance of landing a quick, full-price offer from a financially-sound buyer. Entrusting a strong, local, Tri-Cities voice like the Lane Real Estate Team amounts to entrusting your property with the best, most professional real estate team in the area: Colleen and Joe Lane.

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