August 2007

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Washington RealtorIn the recent newsletter from Washington REALTORS®, this article caught my attention regarding multi-cultural clients. Knowing the unique needs of our multi-cultural country is critical in keeping with the competition. I've included the introduction to the article, as well as the link to the entire article: "Over 60% of all homebuyers in America today are minorities according to the National Association of REALTORS®. There are over one million people from overseas coming into the United States every year and they all want to show friends and family they are successful by buying an American home. In addition, there are 80 million multicultural Americans already here. As a result, minorities are currently one-third of the population and by 2038 will be…
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The City of Richland reminds dog owners of their responsibility to pick up after their dogs.  Residents are encouraged to carry their own bags, pick up and safely deposit dog droppings in garbage receptacles.  The City has placed courtesy bag stands in parks and along bike paths to aid in the prompt removal of droppings. Under the City code, title 7, "It is unlawful for any owner to permit any dog, cat or other animal to deposit fecal matter on any property not that of his owner, and the same is declared to be a nuisance."  Responsible pet owners help keep our parks and community healthier, which improves the quality of life for those enjoying the outdoors.
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A monthly bulletin that highlights local and nationwide environmental issues is being produced and offered to the public by the City of Richland's Environmental Education Office.  This month's short, easy to read bulletin includes information on Benton Conservation District's Weedseeker project, event recycling, donating garden produce to food banks, mosquito control information, bottled water facts and hikes offered by the Intermountain Alpine Club. In addition, it promotes a monthly environmental segment that airs on cable television. The newsletter is available via email, on the city's website, or as a handout at City Hall and the Richland Public Library. Previously, Richland's Environmental Education Office provided "Environmental Tips" each month to…
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Tri City Herald reports: "The Port of Pasco may soon be able to attract private investments to develop its riverfront properties. A provision introduced by Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., in the 2007 Water Resources Development Act exempts certain parcels of the Columbia River shore from potentially being flooded by the Army Corps of Engineers. The bill has passed the House. The Senate is expected to pass it soon without any changes, said Jessica Gleason, Hastings' spokeswoman. The bill also includes Hastings' recommendation to allow the Port of Sunnyside to get credit from the Corps for the funds the port invested in developing wetlands on the Yakima River. The Water Resources Development Act is a biennial piece of legislation to help the Corps study and…
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