April 2009

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If you're looking for high-end yet affordable homes, Meadow Springs is definitely the place to be. The community provides high standard of living in a resort-like setting. In this pet-friendly community, residents can also enjoy first class treatment from a friendly, accessible and dependable management team. The community is in close proximity to the magnificent 18-hole Meadow Springs Golf Course in Richland, Washington. Featuring 5 sets of teeboxes any avid golfer can enjoy. The Club is the host for the Nike Tour's Tri-Cities Open. The Villas at Meadow Springs also a wide range of amenities, from business centers, club house, fitness center, guest rooms, high-speed internet, as well as, pool, laundry, maintenance and meal services. Enjoy the community…
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What a nice Easter Sunday surprise! Today's headlines read, "Tri-Cities gets chance for extreme makeover!" The article states, "In the next two years, the Department of Energy plans to spend an additional $1.96 billion at Hanford, with $1.57 billion arriving Tuesday." The article continues by noting the stimulus money will add 4000 jobs to Hanford, with an additional number to be added in support of the 4000 jobs.

Add these relevant articles, and Tri Cities Washington could very well be the best place to live in the United States:

  • Stimulus funds expected to pay for complex research at PNNL
  • Tri Cites Washington May Experience A Housing Shortage
  • Forbes Magazine States Tri Cities Washington 1 of 2 Best Locations For Employment This Spring
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Investing in real estate could be extremely profitable, especially if you are well informed. To ensure success in this type of endeavor, one must learn the skills of properly selecting properties for investment. These include learning evaluation techniques to determine whether a certain property would meet your needs and financial viability. A good grasp of ways to profit from your real estate investment is also substantial to reap off its maximum benefits. Understanding the pitfalls could save you a lot of trouble in the future. This pertains to the importance of understanding the risk of certain payment schemes. Mortgage type is a major factor when it comes to profitability. There are several types of mortgages available and each has benefits as well as…
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Real Estate professionals at Kennewick, Richland, & Pasco Washington are known for their versatility and networking ability. While the real estate agent is the immediate medium of interaction between the buyer and the seller, the broker handles the behind the scenes negotiations. Both these animated facets of the properties industry are adept at closing lucrative deals that work well for the tripod; the buyer, the seller and the market.

These two dynamic limbs of the real estate arena differ in function. As far as their license and exposure to the field work involved, both are well equipped. Your immediate interaction, in the capacity of either an investor or seller involves a one-on-one interaction with the real estate agent. The agent

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Tri Cities Wa real estate properties are in the asking today. However, it pays to research and survey the intended area of investment prior to making any payment or committing to a deal. There are certain essentials that need to be considered when buying a property in Tri Cities Washington, especially a holiday home. Consider the distance between the nearest airports to the property identified. Identify and network a repeat rental business, if you intend to rent the property when the family is not using it. Tap on internet potential to identify travel agents and holiday letting web sites. Remain budget centric and accordingly choose among apartments, townhouses and villas prior to a real time hunt. Analyze the standard of construction, quality of…
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The Information and Communication Revolution has facilitated rapid networking and access to information at a click. These are the basic requirements of the real estate business, since its inception. Now with the popularity of the internet, real estate professionals are able to address property needs of international clientele, 24x7. Today, this wing of the fiscal world has ushered in scope for a new, technology based, breed of investing. The presence of virtual investors for Kennewick, Richland and Pasco, and subsequently virtual wholesaling of international properties has redefined real estate marketing. Virtual wholesaling allows the investor to identify and bargain a lucrative real estate deal online. What used to be done in real time and subject to…
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Being a homeowner comes with many different responsibilities. To name one, it is important that you understand the ownership of property. Why? It is mainly concerned with the inheritance of your property when we pass away. Apart from this, it has much to do with how it would affect the bills you pay and real estate taxes you will need to manage. There are only three ways to one can own a property. It could either be in your name, joint names, or by contract rights. A Property or properties named under a sole owner, in time of death, is needed to be probated. Meaning, it is important that you have a pre-written will to whom you wish to give your property to. Otherwise, a probate judge will decided to whom the property will be assigned. Usually, these will…
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April 13th:  The Pasco Chamber will have Gene Holland from Columbia Basin College to speak on CBC’s new “Innovation Institute” program. Jenny Morris and Owen Berglund will also be joining in to talk about the upcoming Safety Expo. The Luncheon Sponsor is Anne Kovis Allstate. Please see the April Newsletter for program details and more information.

The Meeting will be held at the Pasco Red Lion at 11:45. The Cost is $15.00 and RSVP’s can be made to (509) 547-9755 or admin@pascochamber.org. | www.pascochamber.org/newsletters

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A house that is normally built on a small parcel of land and attached to other dwellings on either one or more sides is commonly called a townhome or townhouse. Although a town home is limited in space in comparison to a single-family home having a spacious yard and picket fences, it definitely has benefits of its own. Due to its architectural design, where one or two sides are attached to other dwellings, the amount of exterior maintenance is lessened. Also, the front and back yard would most probably be small allowing minimal requirement for yard work. In most cases, community amenities are typical in most townhome communities. This definitely compensates for the limited space for recreation, entertainment and relaxation. Another advantage of living in…
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Town homes are single family units, usually more than two, built right next to each other where they share 1 or 2 common walls with other units.  On the other hand, duplexes are two residential or commercial units which share a common wall. The difference between town homes and duplexes is that duplexes are designed in such a way that it appears to be a single unit. Because of this, duplexes are much versatile when in comes to architectural design. Commonly, a duplex has a single owner, where he or she could have either one or both units rented out. The owner may occupy one side of the duplex while having the other side rented out to another family. It is considered a commercial property when both units are rented out. Duplexes are quite beneficial when…
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