Real Estate professionals at Kennewick, Richland, & Pasco Washington are known for their versatility and networking ability. While the real estate agent is the immediate medium of interaction between the buyer and the seller, the broker handles the behind the scenes negotiations. Both these animated facets of the properties industry are adept at closing lucrative deals that work well for the tripod; the buyer, the seller and the market.

These two dynamic limbs of the real estate arena differ in function. As far as their license and exposure to the field work involved, both are well equipped. Your immediate interaction, in the capacity of either an investor or seller involves a one-on-one interaction with the real estate agent. The agent reports to and works for a real estate broker. Agents facilitate the most basic tasks like:

  • Identifying and touring the real estate properties.
  • Negotiating between buyer and seller.
  • Attending to the intricacies of the sales agreement.

Real estate brokers are licensed to handle:

  • Management of the property-to-budget requirements of the client.
  • Supervision of real estate agents who work for the company.
  • Handle litigation procedures and procure the necessary documents.

Both, the real estate agent and the broker address financial and legal responsibility within every deal. Today, they operate 24x7, online as well as offline. Originally posted at real estate agent.

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Yes, I would say that, in general, agents deal more with clients; not so much for brokers.

Posted by Malibu Homes for Sale on Thursday, May 5th, 2011 at 2:05pm

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