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[updated Wed, April 4th]

2012 Northwest Region Banquet
& Tri Cities Things To Do

Where: Kiona Winery, Benton City WA
When: Saturday, April 21st
Cost: $25.00/adult $20.00/child
RSVP: by April 7th

5:30 - Meet and Greet
6:30 - Dinner
8:00 - Awards
10:00 - End of Banquet

Greetings fellow Northwest Region patrollers. Joe Lane here. I'm a White Pass patroller and we are using a page on my company's website to offer more information than a simple flyer can hold. We plan on updating this page as we have new information available. So, stay tuned for updates.

For starters, consider booking rooms and/or RV spots early, as these will fill up quick. See the links below.

~Places To Stay Both RV and Rooms~
~Events We Have Planned/Tri Cities Things To Do~
~Region Banquet Golf Tournament~

Directions To Kiona Winery:

Directions to Kiona Winery

Kiona Winery

Kiona Winery

AccommodHotelations [back to top]

Hampton Inn
486 Bradley Blvd.
Richland, WA 99352

We have booked a block of 20 rooms for Saturday, April 21st. They all have 2 Queen beds, but 10 are on the city side for $109.00/night and 10 are on the river side for $124.00/night, not including taxes. The Hampton offers a reduced rate through the Kiona Winery. We have booked the rooms through "Erica", but when folks call, there is no need to book through her. All they have to say is that they are with the "Ski Patrol Group" and they will get those rates. If people want to tack on an extra day (either the Friday before or the Sunday after), they will extend those rates for those extra days. Erica told me if we book all of those rooms, she will add more as needed to our group as she has them available. At 30 days before our event, the unbooked rooms will be released to the general public.

Shilo Inn
50 Comstock Street
Richland, WA 99352

We have booked 15 rooms for Saturday, April 21st. 7 of the rooms have King beds and 8 of the rooms have 2 Queen beds. Both rooms are for $94.00/night and they will add a Friday and/or a Sunday on to your reservation for the same rate. These rooms will also be held for our group until 30 days before the event, and then released to the general public. We arranged this booking through Rodney Burt, but you are able to make the reservation with anyone who answers the phone. Just tell them you are with the Kiona Vineyards Winery or Ski Patrol Group.

Courtyard by Marriott
480 Columbia Point Drive
Richland, WA 99352

We have booked 20 rooms with "Laura" for Saturday, April 21st. They are offering us a winery rate of $112.00/night city view or $122.00/night river view. All the rooms have King beds only. These rooms also will be held for our group until 30 days prior to arrival and then released to the public. Laura is also going to make a a customized webpage for our group and also link the winery webpage and anything else we want to it. Folks will be able to phone in to the hotel directly to make a reservation or go the our customized webpage and make their reservation right there. To make a reservation by phone, just use the words "Kiona" or "Ski Patrol" to get those rates.

Horn Rapids RV Resort
2640 Kingsgate Way
Richland, WA 99354
1.509.375.9913 or

We have reserved 10 RV spots for our group on Saturday, April 21st thru "Bill". When folks call to make their reservation, they can mention the date, the name (Vicky Williams) and/or Kiona Vineyards Winery. Bill is also putting the buzz words "Ski Patrol" in the notes section. We have been offered a 15% discount for groups of greater than 10 ($33.27/night), or 10% discount for groups less than 10 ($35.24/night). We have started with 10 spots, but can add more as needed as available.

Tri Cities Tri Cities ActivitiesStuff to Do [back to top]

Over 100 Tri Cities Things To Do In The Next Couple Of Weeks

Hiking, Biking, Cycling, & Other Outdoor Activities

Recommended Restaurants | All Tri Cities Restaurants

Fruit of the Vine Tours
This is the cool little trolley car that drives you around for wine tours. We have booked them for Saturday, April 21st for 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. They charge $95.00/hour for the whole bus which holds 13 people (although she said we can squeeze in 14). The price does not cover gratuity for the driver. $27.00 per person ought to cover this activity to include gratuity.  For more information, please contact Vicky Williams at 509.947.6208 or

Columbia River Journeys
See. They offer jet boat rides up to the Hanford Reach and a few other places.

This is a super-cool place that is within walking distance of all 3 of the hotels we have booked for us. It stands for "Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science & Technology". Their website is Their admission fee is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for students and seniors.

Badger Mountain Hike
Access this great network of trails online at If it's a nice day, what a beautiful way to get the lay of the land and see the convergence of all the rivers around here, not to mention the mountains on both sides of our valley. This is a FREE activity!

Region BanquetTri Cities Golf Golf Tournament [back to top]

Stay tuned for details! Or, Contact Doug Brown, 509.969.1810


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