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About Southridge High School

Southridge High School Kennewick WaSouthridge High School provides education for grades 9-12 with a total capacity of 1800 students. The normal instructional units, or "academic houses" are each equipped for 500 students. Those are three equivalent academic houses at Southridge, each containing spots for core curriculum and shared resources-type spaces. The 500-student size allows parts of each core subject of English, Social Studies, Math, Science, Health, and Foreign Languages. Combined educational labs are available to all students within the house.

Library Media Center
The library media center is designed to improve and reinforce learning within each academic house by making available information and vocational resources which cannot be copied within each house. The LMC will be the information center of Southridge High School and will promote a wide array of learning purposes consisting of varied media. The LMC will add opportunities for students to incorporate technology into their learning process and will integrate many types of instructional equipment and media into a central, highly accessible facility.

The Food Service
Foodservice is a central unit for the whole school which is a meeting place for students from every academic house. The Southridge High School eating area for the dining service seats 500 pupils. In the cafeteria, you will find circular tables instead of rectangular tables in an effort to make the dining area a relaxed setting. Outside eating is also adapted as a well-liked amenity for the big dining area.

The gymnasium supplies three teaching areas, with 2,200 seats for a varsity game on one court. The Southridge High School gyms are adaptable to basketball, wrestling, volleyball, and gymnastics. The backup gym provides one teaching area with 300 seats. The other teaching areas include the weight room and aerobics/wrestling gym.

Music Department
The music is in a central point of Southridge High School close to the auditorium. The band practice room allows for 125 pupils and will be shared with orchestra students. The choir practice room will provide room for 70-100 students. There are four practice areas that are soundproof and are there for student groupings to practice. The auditorium seats 620 and will seat an entire academic group as well as music or drama productions.

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