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About Desert Hills Middle School

Home of the Hawks
Desert Hills Middle School, the home of the Hawks, is in Benton County and the city of Kennewick, in a mid-sized city setting, operated by the Kennewick School District education agency and classified as a middle school offering Sixth through Eighth Grade. In Kennewick, agriculture grows well with irrigation despite its dry desert climate. Back in the 70s, Kennewick became known due to the acres of grape vineyards which were said to be the largest in the world. Since the early 1950s and up until this date, Welch’s plant still operates in this city. Desert Hills Middle School, which was built in 1977, has 933 students and 40 teachers. The student-teacher ratio is 23:1.

Kennewick School Focus
The school focuses on literacy skills, math skills, and improving the quality of instruction delivered to the students by attending monthly workshops and study groups to analyze test data, adjust the curriculum accordingly, and work on improving teaching skills and techniques. Double math and reading classes are offered to help the students achieve “catch-up” growth and be at grade level before moving on to high school.

The goals of the school are *to improve instruction by having a half-time Literacy Coach to assist teachers to improve their classroom instruction and to facilitate the teaching of literacy and writing skills. Mathematics teachers will work to improve the Connected Math program, *to continue to increase test scores to help students meet the standards on the Washington Assessment of Student Learning and Measures of Academic Progress tests, and *to improve citizenship so that the students will have more pride in their school and act in proper ways.

Clubs at Desert Hills Middle School
There are different clubs in the school that the students can join. There’s the Spanish, Math, Science, S.A.V.E., and Drama Club. There are also groups involved in peer tutors and Natural helpers, an organization where students help the school and the community. Each year, interested students apply through the counselors’ offices. Selected applicants attend a training camp. At camp, listening, trust, and caring skills are taught.

A planner is given on the first day of school to each student to be brought by them wherever they go to use in every class. These planners will help the students become more organized and successful. It contains information about the school like the rules and policies and parents are asked to read it. Parents are also asked to check the planners to check whether their children are completing their homework.

Parents can access their child’s grades and assignments through the use of the Internet. Also, if the parents have questions or concerns, every teacher has a telephone and computer in the classroom. Voicemail messages may be left and the teacher will return parents’ calls after their teaching duties or during their free hours.

Desert Hills Middle School has a top-notch facility in the area of computer technology. Document cameras will take the place of outdated overhead projectors to be integrated with the teachers’ computers. During the summer of 2006, a classroom was remodeled to house the District’s new middle school autism program.

To be a caring, responsive, and encouraging community where all students are invited to succeed and be responsible is the mission of Desert Hills Middle School.

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