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About Kennewick High School
Kennewick High School is located in Benton County, in Kennewick, and operated by Kennewick School District education agency. At Kennewick, in a section of the mighty Columbia River, a 9,000 year-old skeleton of a man believed to be between 30 t0 40 years old was found. It was later referred to as the Kennewick Man.

Established in 1890, Kennewick High School was the only high school in the city of Kennewick for more than 60 years. More than ten million dollars was used to renovate the school which was completed in 1990. At present, the school has two playing fields, an auditorium, a stadium where football and soccer games are played and shared with Kamiakin and Southridge High School, and a gymnasium which can accommodate 2,000 people. It is classified as a High School, offering Ninth Grade to Twelfth Grade, with a student population of approximately 1,650 students and a teacher population of approximately 80, which make up the student-teacher ratio of 21 students for every teacher.#idx-price-bar#

Academic Priority
Kennewick High School offers the International Baccalaureate Program (IB). An IB diploma is beneficial when applying to universities as it may be considered as a year of college work. It also offers technical assistance programs in Computer Science and Theatre, ESL or English as a Second Language, Life Skills for the developmentally impaired youth, careers in Education, Material Science, CAD, Principals of Technology and the American Sign Language. A graduation requirement of the Class of 2007 is the completion of 0.5 credits of Computer Competency. To determine student achievement and growth, Measure of Academic Progress tests in Math and Reading are given to Ninth and Tenth Grade students. The Kennewick High School staff and administration has included reading in every subject. Literacy to be successful is the goal.

Athletic Programs
The Kennewick School District foundation for a student’s future is not based on academics alone. Participation in athletics and extra curricular activities is also important. There are different clubs, organizations, and activities for the students of Kennewick High School. To support the athletes and their programs, the Booster Club has been organized. The Drumline of Kennewick High School has won several awards and has performed before millions of people.

Counseling and Career Guidance
Counseling and Career Guidance is aimed at assisting students to learn about careers that is suited to them, in order to prepare them for the future demands of a workplace. To ensure the safety of both the staff and the students, the Kennewick High School is a closed campus. Discipline is given to students who have not abided by the school’s rules and regulations. The Kennewick High School is committed to provide every student the best educational experiences and opportunities needed to prepare them for a brighter future. The students, in turn, should be responsible in developing himself by continuous learning. Everyone is expected to do their part to continue the tradition as the Pride of the Tri-Cities.

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