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About Horse Heaven Hills Middle School

Horse Heaven Hills Middle School is located in the county of Benton , Kennewick, in a mid-sized city setting. It is classified as a Middle School, operated by Kennewick School District education agency, offering Sixth Grade to Eighth Grade to an approximate student population of 890 students and 42 teachers, which make up the ratio of 21 students per teacher. Adjacent to Horse Heaven Hill Middle School is the Horse Heaven Hills Park which is situated in twenty acres of land with facilities like a covered picnic area, tennis courts, softball fields, basketball court and a play area.

Completed in the summer of 1993, Horse Heaven Hills Middle School is situated on 25 acres of land. The school’s facilities include two computer laboratories with 29 computers each, the media center, computers in each classroom, art and band room, a stage for theatre performances, and rooms for staff team planning. An air conditioned gymnasium with a 200 seating capacity, houses the smaller gymnasium and a large classroom.

Because of all these facilities, many organization in the community use Horse Heaven Hills Middle School after regular school hours for Community School Education classes, Parent-Teacher Organization, Boy and Girl Scouts, and Kennewick athletic teams. Guidance counseling helps students in dealing with problems in school.

Students who do not feel well may ask for their teacher’s permission and a pass to be able to go to the Health Room. The Library may be used by students during their break. It has an outstanding library facility at the student’s disposal. Students who need extra help with their work, may avail of the eighth hour tutorial.#idx-price-bar#

To improve student performance, CIRCLE has been added to the curriculum. Subjects are interconnected with each other to help students apply what they have learned in school to their roles as citizens and workers in the future. The Kennewick School District’s Strategic Plan has also been added. It is focused on the district’s effort on education to help students plan for the future.

Horse Heaven Hills Middle School mission is to provide a safe environment with mutual respect among the students and teachers, and to provide not only academic development, but emotional, social, and physical development, as well.

The students, in turn, are respectful and kind achievers, actively involved in school matters. The staff is trained to prepare students for whatever role they choose in the future and supportive knowing that this is a transitional phase for the students from childhood to preadolescent years.

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