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About Edison Elementary School
Edison Elementary School is operated by the Kennewick School District education agency. It is listed as a "regular school" and is currently operational. It is in a mid-sized city setting, in Benton County and the city of Kennewick. Columbia Park in Kennewick, which features five miles of shoreline, has hosted numerous hydroplane races since the 60s. Today, there is an Aquatic Playground, a play area called the Playground of Dreams, a fishing pond, picnic grounds, an 18-hole golf course, and other amenities available for different community events and family activities. The 9,200-year-old skeleton, now known as the “Kennewick Man”, was also discovered in this park in 1996, which led to a lot of scientific questions about the human race's origins.

Classified as a Primary School, offering Kindergarten to Fifth Grade, Edison Elementary School has a total population of 449 students of mixed races-Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian, and African American. The 28 teachers make up a student-teacher ratio of 16 students per teacher. It is a Title I eligible school. It is not a charter or a magnet school.

The Facilities
Edison Elementary School has 46,781 square feet with 24 classrooms; 20 of which rooms are basic education classes for Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. The original building was built in 1960 and the intermediate wing was added in 1977. The building was completely remodeled in 2001, with a music room/stage area and computer laboratory. The outdoor facilities consist of a primary and intermediate playground with a junior soccer field, two soccer fields and a football field, two small basket¬ball courts, a small track, and three softball diamonds. The building is used by soccer, football, softball, and T-ball leagues. The school gymnasium is being used for City basketball leagues use in the winter.

Involving the Community
Edison Elementary School believes that working together with parents and the community is an important part to achieve goals. New activities like the “Family Reading Night” and the “Parent Picnic”, along with ongoing events like the Open House, Math Night, and the Talent Show, are ways to try to bring Edison Elementary School and the community closer. The school has adopted, spent several days of training, and hosted several site visits in programs like the Consortium of Reading Excellence (CORE) program and the Open Court Reading series to continue to work toward the achievement of the District’s Third Grade reading goal.

Edison Elementary School used the Federal Classroom Reduction dollars to lessen class size in the First and Second Grades. Research confirms that children in small classes with good teachers have a higher achievement level, fewer discipline problems, and more personal attachment with their teachers and classmates.

To show an improvement in student performance on district reading and state assessments, Edison Elementary School adjusted its schedule to accommodate dedicated reading blocks in the First to Fourth Grades with lesser students in each block. This is aimed at the commitment of the staff to have the students read on or above grade level.

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