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About Amistad Elementary School

Amistad Elementary School is in Benton County and the city of Kennewick, in a mid-sized city setting, operated by the Kennewick School District education district, and classified as a primary school offering Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Kennewick is the largest city in the “Tri-Cities” area of Southeast Washington State and is recognized as one of Washington State’s most progressive cities. It is a wine-producing region, on the banks of the Columbia River.

There are three educational programs in Kindergarten to Grade 5, bilingual students with Spanish as their first language in Kindergarten to Grade 3, and the Kennewick School District’s gifted students from Grade 2 to 5. The student-teacher ratio is about 15 students for every teacher. Respect for cultural diversity is taught as Amistad is a school of mixed races-Hispanics, Caucasians, African-Americans, Asians, and Indians.

Amistad's Philosophy
Amistad aims to create a learning environment characterized by love and respect, nourish the value of life-long learning, strive to develop creativity and adaptability to change, and pursue potential changes that will create future success, capitalizing on the diversity of the community. With these aims, the staff and teachers’ vision is to create a stimulating educational environment, responsive to the diverse and changing needs of the students.

Amistad’s mission is to recognize that all children learn and to provide students in an increasingly diverse world with excellent educational programs and services.

To continue the students’ improvement in academics, the curriculum is research-based and taught by competent and dedicated teachers. A mix of experienced and new teachers is necessary as it gives them an opportunity to learn from each other.

In the core academic areas, Open Court by SRA along with Foro Abierto (Spanish), Kennewick School District Science Kits, Blended Style and Structure, and Darla Wood Writing is used. This year, Everyday Math will be used from Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Amistad provides the right combination of academic programs extracurricular classes, and sports to ignite the desire to learn and progress. Extracurricular activities are a way to explore individuality. It is a practical application of what a student learned in class, while sports promote self-confidence and educate them about sacrifice and teamwork. Textbook readings are important but real-world experiences are just as important because it interests the students and helps in the improvement of their overall learning style.

Amistad provides an environment that cares, nourishes, and protects the students but parents’ involvement is encouraged knowing that the school alone cannot produce intelligent, respectful, caring individuals. A strong bond between the parents, teachers, and staff prepares a way for the success of the students.

Academics, behavioral self-management, courtesy, and social responsibility are the areas for which the staff has set high standards for the students. The Amistad Peace Promise is recited by the students every day to be able to instill in them peace and respect for other people and themselves as well.

The goal of Amistad is that every child leaves school with a solid educational foundation and hope for a brighter future.

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