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Art Exhibit: Depatures At The CBC Theatre Pasco, WashingtonEveryone is invited to the art exhibit of Richard Nicksic at the CBC Theatre at 2600 N. 20th Avenue in Pasco, Washington. The artist uses a variety of media and artistic technique to create energetic compositions of line, shape, and color which has provided his viewers a rich atmosphere where they can get lost.

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He employs different qualities of line, such as length, thickness, smoothness, and even level of organization, to produce a diverse body of work. Each piece communicates a distinct mood, energy, and movement. His work is abstract and free from subject matter; a departure that Nicksic says freed him from the constraints of other styles in which he has worked, such as Surrealism and Pop Art. 

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Painter Michael Miller At CBC Esvelt Gallery Pasco, WashingtonOn Wednesday, April 8 from 8:00 to 8:30 in the morning painter Michael Miller will be at CBC Esvelt Gallery 2600 N. 20th Avenue Pasco, Washington. Admission is free.

About Michael Paul Miller
Miller creates oil paintings that explore the sublime nature of existence through post-¬-apocalyptic environments. However, while employing elements that suggest death, disaster and desolation, Miller does not abandon hope or beauty. Rather, he delicately balances the two extremes, allowing for open-¬-ended inquiry into the human condition. As a result, the work often addresses a range of contemporary issues.

The images contained in the paintings are sourced from multiple direct and indirect references, including observation, imagination, memory, subconscious…

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