Painter Michael Miller At CBC Esvelt Gallery Pasco, Washington

Painter Michael Miller At CBC Esvelt Gallery Pasco, WashingtonOn Wednesday, April 8 from 8:00 to 8:30 in the morning painter Michael Miller will be at CBC Esvelt Gallery 2600 N. 20th Avenue Pasco, Washington. Admission is free.

About Michael Paul Miller
Miller creates oil paintings that explore the sublime nature of existence through post-¬-apocalyptic environments. However, while employing elements that suggest death, disaster and desolation, Miller does not abandon hope or beauty. Rather, he delicately balances the two extremes, allowing for open-¬-ended inquiry into the human condition. As a result, the work often addresses a range of contemporary issues.

The images contained in the paintings are sourced from multiple direct and indirect references, including observation, imagination, memory, subconscious thought, literature, film, and art history. The visual sources are conflated, recontextualized, altered, and translated into paint though a long studio process that often takes month to complete. Miller is moved by the power and versatility of oil paint and uses traditional techniques in creating his work. He uses a dark, rich, color palette for the subdued tones of the distressed atmosphere, which contrast sharply with the bright, often cautionary, colors that break through the darkness with alarming beauty.

Future date:
April 29 Artist Talk at 1pm followed by Closing Reception at 2pm Gallery Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8 AM-8:30 PM Friday, 8 AM-12 PM Saturday- Sunday, CLOSED

For more information you may call CBC Esvelt Gallery at 509-542-5531.

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