Sex in advertising works for men. Does it work for women? Real estate advertising, for instance, should appeal to couples. How can customers, both male and female, be attracted by marketers using sexy ads? A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research provides some suggestions for sellers. Prior research has shown that women usually react negatively to explicit advertising. According to sexual psychology, women have much more positive attitudes toward commitment than to casual sex. This is because women have more at risk than men in having sex. As a result, women have more negotiating power and will hold out until their conditions are met. In the study, researchers showed subjects wristwatch advertisements. One advertisement was sexy with a gift and…

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That day is not very far when all our oil wells will be dried without a single drop of oil.. Without thinking about our future generations we burn precious fossil fuels. Now it is a last chance for us to save our planet by putting brake to green house gas generation activities and go for harmless renewable energy source. If you are genuinely concerned about the deteriorating global environmental conditions and also want to minimize your electricity bill then you may visit which is serving the people with innovative ides to tap natural energy and produce electricity in your house. You can become a proud owner of a power house where you will be generating sufficient quantity of electricity to meet all your day to day energy requirements.…

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Kennewick, Washington is home to an excellent school district. It is a large district with over 15,000 students. It's important that when deciding to move that you find a good area with a good school district. If you plan on raising a family and having kids, you want to make sure your kids are able to reach their highest potential and able to achieve to the best of their ability. If students are not challenged, then they cannot achieve their potential. Kennewick school district is great because they are proud of their community and want their community involved. They have opportunities on Youtube for students to watch videos and learn math lessons as well as interactive websites for students to learn and have fun. Also, to raise extra funds, they…

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CREHST presents the 2009 schedule for historic ABC homes walking tours of the Richland Alphabet House Neighborhoods. Led by local historian Richard Nordgren, these tours are an adventure into the past as we explore the philosophy, construction, and lifestyles of he Richland village of World War II and beyond. Join CREHST in experiencing Richland's unique architectural past and the houses that Hanford built.

Tour areas include: South Richland on May 2nd, Central Richland on May 9th, and The Gold Coast on May 16th. All tours begin at 9:00am and will start at different locations. Sturdy walking shoes are recommended. Cost is $5.00 per tour for museum members and students ($12.00 for the series of three tours) and $7.00 for non-members ($18.00 for all…

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Property Specifics: 5700 Kilawea Drive, West Richland Wa
This 2007 home looks and feels brand new, ready to move into and call home. Plenty of windows letting in ample home lighting. Room above the garage ready to finish off to the new owner's liking. Possibilities are endless. Workout room, play room, craft center, sewing room, just to name a few, and more...

  • 2,450 sq feet
  • 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath
  • 3 car garage
  • 2 story
  • Fireplace
  • Garden area
  • Large corner lot
  • Close to schools, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target
  • Neighborhood parks
  • Beautiful view of mountains

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As part of an online presence, we've been involved creating Squidoo lenses for the past couple of years. We've created lenses on all the angles. Lenses on famous people, our personal beliefs, charity, Squidoo tips, SEO, and much more. All said, 235 lenses, and manage 20 groups. I think we've published a lens about everything except our personal story. If we were to do our personal story, I hope we place as much passion into it as Whit did. Consider taking a few minutes out of your day and reading her story. I suspect you will be as blessed and encouraged as I was.

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