You have done your homework. Pretty soon you will be swamped with inquiries and people wanting to visit your property. Here are some helpful tips to selling your house in no time. Determine your property's current market value. Do not base the price for how much you purchased for it and for how much you've spent for modifications and improvements. Be realistic, you will need to compete with other available properties within your area. Nothing is more appealing than a clean home both inside and out. Remove the clutter. If you still have decorations in your home, dispose off all old artifacts and mementos that are deemed meaningless to your clients. If you collected antic and interesting pieces, display them in an attractive manner to show them off. It is…

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If you love great noodle dishes and also love a good celebration then make a point to stop on by the "Nothing But Noodles" eatery in Kennewick on March 17. They will be giving away free cake, door prizes and gift cards to everyone that shows up, so everyone will be a winner that night. Nothing But Noodles has always been rated high in the community for their truly eclectic menu that of course is centered around noodle dishes but they also have a great selection of other "non noodle" as well. Their hours are from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm and the festivities will be going on all day so it really sounds like fun!

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So just where is the best place to put your money in a fixer-upper home to see the highest return rate on your investment? The kitchen of master bedroom perhaps? Would you believe that statistically speaking, any qualified expert will tell you it's landscaping, believe it or not. It's the first thing that a potential buyer will see when they arrive at a home and also landscaping is really the only improvement you can make on a home that actually "grows". However; you have to bear in mind that this rule only applies to well planned and executed landscaping work.

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In a recent report on CNN it was brought to light that untold millions of upper middle class Chinese are keeping a close eye the west coast US real estate market. It turns out that owning a home in the US and particularly on the west coast of the US has always been the "ultimate dream" of more affluent Chinese families. Now it seems that lower home values have finally put that dream withing reach. So whats holding them back? Would it surprise you to learn that they are all waiting for prices to level off before they will consider actually buying?

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So who was Kennewick Man and where is he now? Unfortunately that is a question that is destined to remain a mystery forever. Only his skull was discovered in the Kennewick area and only two things are known definitively known about him. First, he was a Caucasian and secondly, he was several thousands of years old.

So what was a Caucasian doing wandering around the Kennewick area several thousands of years ago? Unfortunately that will never be known, because by law he became the possession of "Native Americans" who quickly buried him and are now loathe to disclose the location or even discuss the possibility that they were sharing quarters with Caucasians thousands of years earlier that is commonly believed.

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Just east of Kennewick is the town of Walla Walla, the celebrated birthplace of the Walla Walla Sweet Onion.... or is it? Actually, the complete story of the Walla Walla sweet onion begins in Italy more than a century earlier. That's where an unusually sweet red onion was first discovered and subsequently brought to the state of Washington. Once it was discovered how well it was acclimated to Washington's cool climate, local farmers and gardeners in Walla Walla set to work selectively breeding an even sweeter, perfectly round red onion that is now coveted by gastronomes around the globe. The unusual sweetness of the Walla Walla Sweet onion is attributed to it's extremely low sulfur content, which is a full 90% lower than standard yellow onions.

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It's a fact that once you have gathered your assets together, then you have to protect them. Failing to do so can lead to a painful and expensive lesson. Hence; it's better to learn how to do it the easy way March 26th at Tony Roma's Pizza Parlor in Kennewick. It's the nice people at Pacific Crest Planning that are hosting the event and "strategies for the upcoming business cycle" will be the main topic of the evening. Hey! It's all free, so what have you got to lose but your assets.

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It was recently announced that representatives from Smith Barny, an investment firm all too well known for their add campaign with it's claim that they make their money the "old fashioned way" will be giving a series of free seminars. The topic of the seminars beginning Wed. March 11, 5:30 to 7:00 pm at the Smith Barney offices, 8202 Quinault Ave in Kennewick is "Investing in a Volatile Market Environment. Hopefully the speakers will be able to lend some insight into some unique aspects of the local Tri-Cities real estate market. It is free and they are one investment firm that isn't bankrupt so, perhaps they have something worthwhile to say.

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As anyone attempting to sell a home right now knows, the market is definitely not friendly for a home seller. On the other hand for buyers this is a fantastic market where anything goes in negotiations. This is the opposite of what occurred a couple of years ago in real estate. Fortunately for a home seller they can rely on the fact that although they are going to lose a lot of money on the sale of their home the flipside is that in their home buying experience they are likely to be able to fetch a great deal. The other advantage is that most buyers are step-up buyers, which means the new house they are buying is going to be more expensive than their current home. This means that even though they may lose money on the sale of their current home they…

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For the past few years the price of real estate has been on an upward spiral and buying a home seemed out of reach for many who wanted to keep their mortgages within an affordable range. This seemingly never ending upward spiral in home prices was sure to end and if you are one of those who is looking to buy the market has never been better for home buying. With prices having declined so rapidly in most markets buyers from Kennewick to Richland to Pasco can pick up deals that were unheard of 3 years ago. With most homes selling for some 40% lower than 3 years ago and with government programs promoting home buying now is a great time to be a buyer. Unfortunately for many sellers they have no choice but to sell at distressed prices and given that it is a…

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