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Hanford Reach Interpretive Center Everyone is invited on Saturday, September 13 at the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center for the "Hops to Bottle" tours from 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon.

About "Hops to Bottle"
The event puts beer into contest as participants will be touring hop yards (fields), check out hop drying plant, and Yakima Chief where they transform hops to pellets/oils. Plus, everyone will be visiting a couple of brewery stops to learn about beer making. Included in the your are: beverages, bus, tour guide, tastings and lunch.Admission fee is $65.00.


For more information please call 509-943-4100 or go to

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Beer, Bacon and Bull Night At Vineyard View Marketplace, Pasco WashingtonOn Friday, June 27 from 6:00 until 9:00 in the evening everyone is invited to the Beer, Bacon and Bull Night at Vineyard View Marketplace located in 52 E Vineyard Dr. Pasco, Washington. Admission is $15.00 for adults and seniors.

More About Beer, Bacon and Bull Night
Vineyard View Marketplace announces the Beer, Bacon and Bull Night with special guest Jason Miller, owner of Orlison Brewing, Co. Sample his beers as well as 21 and older Bacon Samplers that will also be available for purchase in the event. Included are candied jalapeno, chocolate ganache, mini beer battered bacon dogs, maple peanut butter and pomegranate habanero.

For tickets you can Vineyard View Marketplace at 509-545-1990 or visit them at No refunds.

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