According to archeological research, the Richland Wa Real Estate region has been occupied for over 11, 00 years – that's a lot of time for a piece of real estate to be of value! Many hundreds of years ago at the mouth of the Tapetett River (now known as the Yakima River) there was a village called Chemna of the Sahaptin speaking American Indians. At this time, the indigenous peoples fished seasonally for salmon in the river, and hunted for deer in the plains. There was also an abundance of berries, root vegetables, and greens both on land and in the waterways. Captain William Clark, of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, was on e of the first reported white men in the area in 1805, arriving via the Columbia River to the mouth of the Yakima River. It wasn't until over half a century later that the first white settlers arrived, and the Nelson family was one of the first to attempt to set up a home in the area in 1864. It appears that another family, the Rosencrances, did not arrive into the region until 1880, although when they did they set up a big homestead of almost 1,700 acres. The Richland Wa Real Estate region certainly has its charm; wouldn't it be great to turn back time.

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