TRIDEC members and supporters who have Charter's cable box can now watch at their convenience the 2010 Economic Outlook on Charter's On-Demand service. The 2010 Economic Outlook was presented earlier this year with reports about employment, population, housing, how independent the Tri Cities is becoming of Hanford, along with other reports.

To View:
Press menu on your remote, then you will see a listing called I want more and select. 
Next, select community programs and you can choose to view one of the 2010 Economic Outlook presentations including Brian Wesbury's keynote luncheon speech. 

Lloyd Swain, with Charter Communications, says, "On demand is a great service and we hope to add more local content in the months ahead."


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House in Richland Wa

The Richland Housing Authority is planning on being out of business by the end of June. This decision to close is based on the financial difficulties that the Housing Authority is facing. These troubles came to head in September when the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) reported that the authority had misused the housing assistance money, there was also $500,000 in Section 8 assistance money that was unaccounted for. Section 8 gives rental assistance for 400 low-income families in Richland, West Richland, and Benton City; in November this money was yanked by the HUD. The authority had to transfer their clients to the Kennewick Housing Authority. The authority has also had to sell off assets to pay back debts; they have…

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Trees in Columbia Park | Kennewick Washington

The National Arbor Day Foundation has recognized the Benton PUD as recipient of the Tree Line USA Award for the eleventh year in a row. This award is granted to utilities who are committed to quality tree care, public education, and tree planting. The award also recognizes utilities for national leadership in utility arboriculture. The Benton PUD's tree program was developed to ensure they provided quality tree care practices and helped customers plant the appropriate trees near utility lines. The benefits of the program have been healthier trees, less outages and long-term savings to Benton PUD. "The tree program is one of the many proactive things we do to prevent outages which in return results in long term operational savings," said…

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Duck Pond, Kennewick Washington

About 20 years ago the Geographic Information Services (GIS) division at City Hall in Kennewick began collecting data about Kennewick by digitizing site plans, aerial photographs, and survey’s of buildings and streets. Within the last six months this information has been used by about five GIS staff to create a website that compiles all this information to be used by the general public. This website, Virtual Kennewick, can be used to gain information about anything from locations of businesses to the location of the sewer main in your area. Virtual Kennewick is meant to be citizen friendly; the GIS staff at the City Hall are updating the site daily to make it the most beneficial for users. Staff said that the biggest challenge in creating this…

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SSC Ultimate Aero

West Richland automaker, Jerod Shelby, designer/maker of the world’s fastest production car, the Ultimate Aero, will be teaming with Jason Castriota to create the next high-end Shelby automobile. Shelby’s Ultimate Aero brought fame to Shelby Supercars in 2007 when it went up to 257 mph on a two-lane road near Prosser Washington. Castriota has previously been in Italy designing cars like the Pininfarina P4/5, the Stile Bertone Mantide, Birdcage, and the Rolls-Royce Hyperion. Now Castriota has decided to step away from his car designing career in Italy to come back to the United States. Shelby and Castriota have recently made an exclusive contract in which Castriota will design two cars in a minimum of one year. These will be the first design…

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Tri Cities Home Mortgage

Those interested in joining the $75 billion Making Home Affordable program that the Obama administration began should take a closer look at all that entails. Homeowners signing up for the program are getting a little surprise: their credit scores are dropping. Those borrowing money and making all their payments but on the verge of default can have their credit score reduced by as much as 100 points as a result of the new program. This auto-adjustment for credit score can make it difficult for a person to get a loan or find a job. Individuals applying for the program are those that are in a financial bind.

There are housing counselors that say this new program is unfair to people applying for the program because they are not warned about…

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On March 19 and 20 at the TRAC in Pasco the St. Patrick School will be putting on the 2010 Irish Games. This two-day event includes a play, carnival games, 3-on-3 basketball, a car show, and Irish Pub and more. On Friday March 19 there will be a production of Put the Nuns in Charge at 7:00 pm. Saturday, March 20 there will be a tribute by Randy Linder to Creedence Clearwater Revival; tickets are $10 and open for 21 and over. There will be plenty of food all weekend by various vendors such as Daddy-O-Donuts, Ron’s Original Kettle Korn, Round Table Pizza, Ice Harbor Brewing, and others. Davis Carnival will be at Irish Games, wristbands are available for those interested in purchasing them to go on rides. On Saturday there will be an armwrestling…

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Fluoridated Water | Pasco Washington

In the winter of 2009 the City of Pasco sent out a survey to 1,200 of the 57,000 residents, one of the questions on the survey asked; “To what extent do you support or oppose the city continuing to add fluoride to the city’s drinking water system?” Some Pasco residents raised concern that the City of Pasco recently took over the Pasco water system and has fluoridated the entire system. As a result many residents in Pasco, not on well water, are drinking fluoridated water. The concern raised by Pasco residents is that there is no state law requiring water to be fluoridated, some residents don’t feel that the city should be allowed to fluoridate the water.

Posted by Joe and Colleen Lane Realtors® in Pasco Wa

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Today in Benton City at Kiona-Benton High School a Holocaust survivor will be speaking about her experiences at the Theresienstadt concentration camp in Czechoslovakia. The survivor will be speaking at a community forum tonight from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm.  This forum is a part of a two-day event put on by the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center. On Friday, March 19, there will be a training for teachers to prepare them for teaching about the Holocaust at the high school from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm. During this training there will also be a session by scholar John Roth about “Situating the Holocaust in a Genocidal World.” The training costs $20 and there are clock hours available. Registration is required and can be accessed by…

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Gardening in Tri Cities Washington

For many Tri Cities Washington residents, the thought of starting a garden is rather daunting, for those who think this but want to start one this year, here are ten easy tips for the novice gardener.

1. Location of the garden needs to be in full sun

To produce the best vegetables, the plants need at least six hours of direct sun. if this amount of sun is unavailable then the plot needs to be relocated or kept to just leafy greens being grown.

2. Soil needs to be well-drained

If water sits in the soil too long then roots aren’t able to breathe. To check how well the soil drains dig a hole and pour water in it. With a ruler measure how fast the water drains, if it drains slower than 1-inch in an hour then a new location needs to…

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