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About Whittier Elementary School
Whittier Elementary School is operated by the Pasco School District. Whittier Elementary School, listed as a "regular school," is situated in the County of Franklin and in the City of Pasco. The school is located in a Mid-sized City setting, or a central city of a 'Core Based Statistical Area' or 'Consolidated Statistical Area', with the city having a population less than 250,000.

About Whittier
Whittier Elementary School is classified as a Primary School and offers kindergarten through fifth grade. It is a Title I eligible school. Title I is a program devised to give financial assistance to students through Secondary Education Act and Local Education Agencies. Whittier is not a charter school. A charter school is a school that provides free elementary and/or secondary education to eligible students under a specific charter granted by the state legislature or other appropriate authority. Whittier is also not a magnet school. A magnet school or program is a special school or program designed to attract students of different racial/ethnic background for the purpose of reducing, preventing, or eliminating racial isolation and/or to provide an academic or social focus on a particular theme.

Whittier Elementary School has become a representation of potential progressive programs that groom students for the multifaceted challenges that stand before them in a strictly universal society. Impartial between a marginal and non-marginal population, Whittier’s curriculum varies from creative prospect for restricted English speaking students to higher placement classes. Whittier has a fitting program for all students. Whittier’s foremost position among other schools comes from its advancement technology plan. Whittier is connected for the most highly developed resources including Internet and video teleconferencing. Students have classroom computers, electronic research, and the most recent developments in the computerized world. An advance technology laboratory is devoted to computer training chances for students, teachers, and staff.

There are 716 students, and an approximate of 70.7% of which are eligible for free lunches. An additional 12.4% of the students are eligible for the reduced-price lunch program. 93% of the student population is Hispanic. The remaining 7% is being shared by Caucasian, African-Americans, Asians, and American Indians.

In 2005-2006, Washington used the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL) to check students in Reading and Math in grades 3 through 8 and 10, in Writing in grades 4, 7 and 10 and in Science in grades 5, 8 and 10. The WASL is a standards-established test, which means the test calculates how well students are mastering precise skills outlined for each grade by the state of Washington. Whittier received 67% Average in Reading in comparison to the State Average of 81%.

Whittier Elementary School has a total of 34 teachers. The 34 teachers make up a student to teacher ratio of almost 21.1 students per teacher. Nearly 10 of the 34 Whittier Elementary School teachers have an average of one year of teaching experience. Approximately, 68% of the faculty has a Master’s degree or higher. The staff at Whittier Elementary is dedicated in offer a protected and fostering learning background for all students.

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