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About Ellen Ochoa Middle School
Situated in the county of Franklin, East Pasco, in a mid-sized city setting, Ellen Ochoa Middle School is categorized as a Middle School offering Sixth Grade to Eighth Grade to an approximate student population of 800 students. It started its operation in the year 2003. There are 54 teachers wanting to provide academic success for all the students. The student-teacher ratio is 15 students for every teacher.

The school was named after Ellen Ochoa, a National Aeronautics and Space Administration research scientist, and astronaut. She also invented optical analysis systems. She was a valedictorian in high school and college, graduating with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Physics. Considered an inspirational role model for students, Ellen Ochoa emphasizes the importance of education during speaking engagements. The school, which is located on a 50-acre land, has a total of 45 classrooms, 2 technology laboratories, 3 computer laboratories, and 2 gymnasiums.

Home-School Partnership
Its mission is to create a partnership with the parents, staff, and the community to teach the students to be life-long learners and to be successful in this globally competitive and changing world. Its goal is to provide every student with an academic program suited to prepare them for the 21st century.

The support of the parents is a crucial part of a student’s success in school and in life. The connection between the home and the school keeps the staff updated on the needs of the neighborhood and the community; it improves school programs and connects families with others within the school and the community. Parents are invited to participate in various activities and programs like the Parent-Teacher Committee, School Improvement Team, school socials, school sports programs, the school library, and a lot more.

The school is focused on improving the reading, mathematics, and writing skills of the students. To further improve math instruction, there are new programs adopted and teacher training for the implementation of these programs. For the improvement of reading instructions, specialists were hired to assist classroom teachers.

School and family partnership plays an important role in student success. In Ellen Ochoa Middle School, parents are encouraged to be active in school activities and programs. Extracurricular activities are equally important as academics. This ensures the total development of each student. Sports and clubs are open to students who are willing to learn and willing to show their talents. The staff at Ellen Ochoa Middle School puts students first and helps provide a safe, caring, positive environment of learning.

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