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About Edwin Markham Elementary School
Edwin Markham Elementary School is run by the Pasco School District education agency in the county of Franklin, approximately twelve miles north of Pasco City, in the state of Washington. It is categorized as a Primary school that offers Kindergarten to Fifth grade to a student population of about 305 composed of children of different races – Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, and Indian. The teacher population is 18, making up the student-teacher ratio of 17 students for every teacher.

Apple orchards and asparagus fields surround the school which sits on eleven acres of land. The school campus has a main office, a library, a reading room, a cafeteria, and a gymnasium, which is constantly being used for sporting activities. The community also uses the gym for functions like weddings and social events.

The school is named after Charles Edwin Anson Markham. Born in April of 1852, Edwin wanted to finish school but his mother thought he did not need to go to college, so he ran away from home for a short period of time, and returned only when his mother agreed to help him financially for him to be able to go to college. In 1873, he finished his classical courses. Six years after, he taught literature in the county of El Dorado and eventually became the superintendent. He was also a poet. His first poem, “The Man with the Hoe”, made him famous. He also wrote a poem in 1900 for the celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday entitled, “Lincoln, The Man of the People”.

According to parent reviews, Markham Elementary is an excellent school with a small classroom population, great teachers, and where children are polite.

The staff believes that with continuous effort, instructional programs will improve and will lead to student achievement. The staff also emphasizes that learning is the ultimate purpose of why children are in school.

The focus is on the core academic subjects of Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Writing. The school curriculum is in line with the state of Washington standards based on the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. A literary specialist assists and supports the students of the first and second grades in reading.

A huge and positive impact on the performance of the children in school is due to the involvement of parents. The parents of Markham Elementary School, together with the students and the staff support the academic and social activities of the school. PALS or Parents and Leaders for Students, a parent group, are generous supporters of the school. Several parents volunteer in classroom activities regularly. They also coordinate events like the Bingo Night, Accelerated Reader Activities, Family Pizza Night, School Carnival, Read Across America, Field Day, and Dessert Auction, and the funds raised are used for school needs.

Edwin Markham Elementary School believes that teaching and educating students is essential to meet today’s goals and the challenges of the future.

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