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About Ruth Livingston Elementary School
Ruth Livingston Elementary School is in the county of Franklin, Pasco City, in a mid-sized city setting. It is a Primary School offering Kindergarten to Fifth Grade to an approximate student population of 660 and 30 teachers.

The school was named after Mrs. Ruth Livingston, who from 1926 to 1951, served on the Pasco school board. Her philosophy was that all schools should fit the students for their individual lives.

In line with Washington State’s learning goals, the school focuses on core academic subjects like Mathematics, Reading, Writing, and Science. Students are taught not only to read but to understand what they are reading. This is in line with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, wherein the purpose of the program is to make sure that all students read in English at grade level by the end of their third grade. To improve student reading in the state of Washington, a special project called the Washington Reading Corps is also offered. This is being done through research-based tutoring of students who are having a hard time reading.

Parent Involvement
Parent involvement is greatly encouraged at Ruth Livingston Elementary School. Partnerships between the students, teachers, and parents are vital to a child’s education and success. Parents can help their children learn every day by providing encouragement, reading with and to them, providing a space for doing their homework, and attending school activities and programs. Parents are invited to join the Parent-Teacher Organization of the school. The school’s PTO bought new playground equipment and has been planning more activities and fund-raising projects to make exciting things happen at Ruth Livingston. Fun learning activities are also made possible by the PTO such as Spell-A-Thons, Book Fairs, Pacific Science Center, and Character Counts. Parents also come and volunteer their time to read with the students or help in whatever way they can.

A reading motivation program called the Battle of the Books or B.O.B. is a voluntary activity for fourth and fifth graders. The goal of this program is to get students to read outside of school, read with their parents, and inspire them to read on their own. Teams are formed and books are selected from a list. There are clubs to choose from like the fourth and fifth-grade choir, which performs throughout the year, and the chess club, which competes in several tournaments.

Ruth Livingston Elementary School provides a safe, caring, and challenging environment and a well-rounded education for the students. Dedicated, outstanding, and hardworking teachers focus on student learning to make them life-long learners and achievers.

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