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About Pasco High School
Pasco High School has an approximate student population of 2500 students and 130 teachers. Pasco High School, home of the Bulldogs, is run by the Pasco School District education agency and categorized as a High School offering Ninth Grade to Twelfth Grade. It is in Franklin County, City of Pasco, in the state of Washington.

A civil engineer by the name of Virgil Bogue gave the name Pasco. Pasco High School was first called Washington High School but according to legend, the majority of residents were not happy with the name, and the school sign mysteriously disappeared. In the years 1958, 1969, and 1971, several additions to the school were built which include an auditorium and a new library. In 1995, the school was remodeled, replacing its heating, wiring, and cooling systems. The office was also extended and the auditorium underwent remodeling.

Awards and honors of Pasco High School include Newsweek magazines top 1,000 high schools; an English Second Language and English Language Development teacher was a recipient of the 2006 Regional Teacher of the Year; Washington state awarded the school for the decrease in the number of students who did not meet the WASL requirements by at least ten percent; the theatre club has also received two nominations in the past at the 5th Avenue High School Musical Theatre Awards

Academic subjects in Pasco High School include Mathematics, English, the Arts, Science, Health and Fitness, and Social Studies. Aside from the core academic subjects, Career and Technical Education classes are offered like Agricultural, American Sign Language, Career in Education, Commercial Photography, Computer Engineering, Construction Trade, Sports Medicine, Electrical Systems Technology, Translation, and Interpretation. The Career Pathways program of Pasco High School started in 1994. The purpose of this is to continue its commitment to making education more important and rewarding for students. In this program, the students choose their career pathway, taking classes focusing on their area of interest. Together with their parents, the students analyze each pathway experience and select from various programs.

There are also various clubs where students can enhance their talents aside from academics. The Pasco High School Marching Band was the grand sweepstakes winner in the recent Harvest Marching Festival. They also won awards for Best Brass and Wind, Best Percussion, Best Drum Major, and Best General Effect. It also has the Choral Music Department. The Drama Club is also open to students who enjoy theatre arts. This program fosters teamwork and discipline while enjoying and having a grand time. Various sports activities are available like basketball, baseball, chess, bowling, cheerleading, golf, football, volleyball, wrestling, track and field, and tennis. research shows that students who are active in extracurricular activities make better grades, attend their classes regularly, and are more likely to continue through college.

Parents of Pasco High School students volunteer their time and their talents to various activities and programs like the band and choral to ensure the student's success.

The school's mission is to provide students with challenging academic learning through instruction, activities, and programs that are meaningful in a safe, caring environment.

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