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Principal: Brian Leavitt,

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About New Horizons High School

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Teaching Philosophy
New Horizons Alternative High School is a ground-breaking learning neighborhood that supplies every student with a protected environment allowing the student to grow scholastically and communally, mastering the ability to pilot the changing world. New Horizon believes that every student is precious, unique, and an important part of life. Using teacher supervision and self-importance, the New Horizons High School, a nonsensical public school, teaches its students to convene social and academic standards through lithe scheduling and an assortment of courses that meet individual wants and welfare.

New Horizons Alternative High School is categorized as a High School and offers seventh grade through twelfth grade. It creates a tailored learning atmosphere where students accomplish thorough values through superior teaching. It guarantees that every student is led by highly-qualified and thoughtful staff supported by excellent curriculum materials and creates a professional learning society in which research-based personnel progress is handed over through quality preparation, which concentrates on student and teacher learning. New Horizon High supports the family as the most imperative factor for student accomplishment and allows parents to construct a basis for student learning and converse clearly-defined prospects to assist parents in becoming supporters of all students' triumph.

New Horizons generates and maintain an environment with far above-the-ground levels of group effort and statement among the varied population of students, staff, parents, and community members who work hand in hand with the neighborhood to produce the scientific, economic, and corporeal property essential to press forward student educational achievement.

Title 1 School
New Horizons High School is a Title I eligible school, that is, it gives financial assistance to students through the Secondary Education Act and Local Education Agencies. It is not a charter school, meaning, it does not provide free elementary or secondary education to qualified students under a precise charter settled by the state legislature or other appropriate authority school and it is not a magnet school, in the sense that it is not a special school intended to draw students of various race to reduce racial isolation.

53% of New Horizons High School’s teachers have a Master’s degree which is almost near the 61% State standard. 12% of its teachers have an average year of teaching experience and it has a 12 to 1 teacher-to-student ratio. 70% of its student population is entitled to have free or reduced-priced lunch programs. New Horizons Alternative High School 10th graders attained a 55% average for Reading in relation to the WASL test last 2006. The State average for Reading is 82%.

Parent Involvement
One of the aspects of accomplishment for student attainment is the provision of parents. New Horizon inspires parents to be conscious of their child's academic behavior. New Horizons requests parents to get in touch with their staff. It possesses a program called PowerSchool; it is a powerful database that allows parents to get information about their children. The parents will be able to check attendance, monitor academic progress, and commune with their child's teacher.

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