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About Mark Twain Elementary School
Mark Twain Elementary School is categorized as a Primary school and presents kindergarten up to sixth grade. Mark Twain Elementary School is recorded as a regular school and is situated at Pasco, Washington, in the county of Franklin. The school is in a middle-sized urban center environment. It is a Title 1 eligible school, meaning, students are given financial aid.

Mark Twain Elementary School is a school neighborhood. It is a setting that relies upon the significant interaction of all who learn and work here. Every person is respected for who they are and for their own offerings in the society and to each other as an exceptional individual. Every single student at Mark Twain is taught responsibility and guarantees that every individual is being treated equally.

There are an approximate number of 624 students attending Mark Twain Elementary School. An approximate 71% of the population makes up the Hispanic students, some 22% are Caucasians, near 4% represents African-Americans, and the remaining 4% represents Asians, American-Indians, multiracial, and Pacific Islanders. An estimated 69% of the student population is qualified for free or reduced-priced lunch program. 51% of student population is male and the remaining 49% are female. The school has an approximated 1% unexcused absence rate which is identical to the State Average.

Mark twain Elementary School has a 17:1 student to teacher ratio. Out of its 32 educators, 14 has an average years of educational experience, 61% of these teachers acquired a Master’s Degree in education which is the same as the State Average.#idx-price-bar#

In 2005-2006, Washington State used the Washington Assessment of Student Learning to check the students learning in areas like Math and Reading in grades 3 to 10, and in Science for grades 5, 8, and 10. Washington Assessment of Student Learning is a standards-based exam designed to compute the student’s mastery of a specific skill. The grades 4 and 5 students achieved a rough 54 to 59% average in Reading which is considered a fair score in comparison with the State Average of 76 %.

Being familiar with what a child’s academic growth is reliant upon a joint venture between home and school. Parent’s contribution is requested to facilitate planned courses of both scholastic and communal teaching. Mark Twain parents are persuaded to allot some time for their children all throughout the school year in a number of ways. For example, whenever there is a need to call upon the attention of the parents for a meeting, it will be announced in the newsletter or a flyer is given to a student and they, in turn, are expected to attend. Continuous educational teaching for parents will be put forward to ensure that the parents are given some opportunities to be a part of their children’s holistic development. Parents will be given a chance at Open House and Parent-Teacher Conferences to provide contributions to teachers regarding their children’s scholastic standing. Family and friends will be encouraged to join in school activities and celebrations to develop the bond between the students and their family even tighter.

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