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About Rowena Chess Elementary School
Rowena Chess Elementary School is situated in the county of Franklin, City of Pasco, and is maintained by the Pasco School District. Rowena Chess Elementary School is programmed as a "normal school" and is operational at the present time. The school is in an average-sized metropolitan surrounding.

Rowena Chess Elementary School is categorized as a Primary School and presents kindergarten through sixth grade. Rowena has an entirety of 578 students and 29 teachers. The 29 teachers give everyday lessons in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics through research-based practices that consider every student can be taught and understand that each student learns at a variable speed. Each student's development is checked to modify instructions to meet the individual needs of each child.

Parent and Community Volunteers
The personnel at Rowena Chess welcome parent and community volunteers. Anyone interested to lend a helping hand may contact their office. For the security of every staff and student, and to allocate students' the most favorable learning opportunity, all those who are involved in volunteering in the school will undergo a complete background check. They will involve themselves in a primary introduction to volunteer prospects before their service to the school. The staff at Rowena Chess is committed to protecting the children and providing them with an environment conducive to learning. The success of every student is the major concern of Rowena Chess Elementary School.

Make Your Day
To make certain scholastic development of every student, Rowena Chess Elementary School has a program called, “Make Your Day”. It is a program that aids the students to be at their best and can accomplish projects to the best of their skills. It gives the students a chance to review their academic, social, and behavioral performance in an atmosphere that is kind and positive, and most significantly, it permits the teachers to do their job the best they could and let the students learn.

Home-School Connection
Parents are one of the most significant factors in the success of every student. The school urges the parents to be more engaged in their child’s learning. From being a volunteer at the school to assisting the child in doing their homework, or reading a story with your child at home on a regular basis, the collaboration between home and school is appreciated.

To facilitate achievement for students, a sturdy partnership between home and school is vital. By working hand in hand, parents and school administrators can create a change for each student. There are various ways in which parents can be drawn in on their child’s learning. In Rowena Chess, parents are requested to allot even a few minutes of reading time with them every night. Parents are also invited to support the Parent-Student-Teacher Compact in turn to preserve a home and school link for student achievement. Every month, meetings are held between school staff and parents.

Rowena Chess Elementary School is very enthusiastic about creating the finest knowledge opportunities for each student.

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