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About James McGee Elementary School
James McGee Elementary School is run by the Pasco School District education agency. It is in Pasco, Washington in the county of Franklin. It is a standard-sized urban background school. It is categorized as a Primary School and presents kindergarten up to fifth grade. It is the home of the Mustangs and is also considered one of the best schools in the Pasco School District.

Emerson's Culture
The school’s task is to develop meaningful learning experiences, develop cooperation, participation, teamwork, and respect, provide a safe environment for the learners, aid the students to achieve their respective goals, and guide the learners to attain their fullest potential. James McGee Elementary School has a total of 29 faculty members. They comprise a student-to-teacher ratio of 22.4 students to a teacher, which is an advisable percentage of teachers to student ratio. The faculty staff is dedicated to imparting knowledge to their students. They see to it that the students fully grasp the subject matter they are discussing before proceeding to another lesson. James McGee Elementary School is a Title I qualified school, meaning the school offers financial aid in the course of SEAs and LEAs. It is not a charter school and it is not a magnet school.

In regards to the racial diversity of the students of James McGee Elementary School, there are 327 students who are Hispanic, 26 students are Asians, 278 Caucasian students, 2 Indian students, and 18 students are African – American. There are 333 male students and 318 female students in totality. All of which have a good moral character.198 0f the 651 students of James McGee Elementary School are entitled to have a free lunch. 75 are permitted to have a reduced–price lunch plan. And there are 273 students who are qualified to have lunch aid. There are 3 learners in kindergarten, 99 in the first grade, and 128 in the second grade. There are 87 pupils in the third grade, 108 students, and 95 learners in the fourth and fifth grades respectively. The sum of students is 651.

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