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About John McLoughlin Middle School
John McLoughlin Middle School guarantees high levels of education for all by pledging to supply teaching opportunities that meet up the individual needs of all students. It takes pleasure in giving worth to our future by fashioning an environment that endorses high hopes and reverence.

Culture of Learning
John McLoughlin Middle School grows as a qualified educating society by focusing its labors to construct an environment wherein teachers, students, and parents work together to coagulate the aim of boosting the students’ learning. It continuously keeps an eye on the student improvement. With this in mind, John McLoughlin’s focal point is on the learning tactics and enlargement of academic probability that will perk up student success on a recurrent basis. John McLoughlin exhibits a special pledge to big expectations and academic victory for all students. Through common deference, steady partnership, and hard work, students will develop in a delightful school environment.

The school is dedicated in instituting a learning community in which staff advancement is transported through excellent training, wherein student and teacher learning is its focus. John McLoughlin believes that support coming from the family is the most essential variable for student empowerment. The school urges parents to create a basis for student learning and advise them to become an advocate of their children’s success by being in touch with their children’s expectations McLoughlin Middle School is controlled by Pasco School District education agency. The school is named after John McLoughlin, a Canadian-American fur trader in Oregon. McLoughlin used his power to monopolize and expand trade and to maintain peace with Native Americans. McLoughlin Middle School is recorded as a "regular school” . Sited in the county of Franklin and the city of Pasco, the school is in a central city of a 'Core Based Statistical Area' or 'Consolidated Statistical Area', with the city having a population less than 250,000.

Title 1 School
McLoughlin Middle School is categorized as an "Other Level" not defined as a Primary, Middle, or High School. It is a school-wide Title I school. It is a program especially designed to entice students of different races in which the purpose is to reduce, prevent, or eliminate racial discrimination or to give an academic focus on a particular theme.

John McLoughlin Middle School has a total of 50 teachers. The 50 teachers make up a student to teacher ratio of 17.6 students per teacher. Just about 62% of the teachers have a Master’s degree or received even a higher form of education. John McLoughlin has free lunch or priced-reduced lunch program given to eligible students to assist them financially.

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