Almost $400 To Charity This Month...

Save The ChildrenWe're excited about our best month over at Squidoo. We create lenses for our business and our children's schooling, and donate our earnings to charity. Having 5 children, the majority of our charitable contributions go towards children-related charities, hence, Save The Children. We also contribute greatly to World Vision and to the Acumen Fund outside of Squidoo. Check out this month's Squidoo earnings (copied from Squidoo's dashboard) and where our donations went to:

Squidoo Donations

Consider joining Squidoo and creating a lens for you favorite charity or hobby today! If you join Squidoo using this link, you'll be contributing to Save The Children (see above, "Refer-A-Friend bonuses")!

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1 Response to "Almost $400 To Charity This Month..."

Sire wrote: Wow, that's pretty good. I started a lens a couple of months back but left it on the back burner as I just couldn't get into it. Maybe one day I will have another crack at it.

Posted on Saturday, February 7th, 2009 at 3:09pm.