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Senior Safety Presentation Hosted by Mike Blatman of Kennewick WA Police Department at Kennewick Senior Community CenterA Senior Safety Presentation will be held at Kennewick Community Senior Center on July 19, 2016, at 12:30 p.m. The Kennewick Community Senior Center is located at 500 S. Auburn St., Kennewick, WA.

About the Senior Safety Presentation
The Senior Safety Presentation will be hosted by Mike Blatman, CPP. He is a crime presentation specialist from the Kennewick Washington Police Department. This event is made possible through the sponsorship provided by the Washington Masonic Outreach Services. This organization believes that it is a must to invest in the welfare of the youth and to educate and provide comfort to the seniors in need. This is a free event that the public can attend to.

The Senior Safety Presentation features a discussion to further…

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SCAM JAM At Three Rivers Convention Center Kennewick WashingtonLearn how to fight back to protect yourself, your family and your friends from scammers – on the phone, through mails, online and especially at your doorstep! Everyone is encouraged to join the free SCAM JAM event happening on Wednesday, July 9 from 9:30 in the morning until noon at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick.

Why join the Scam Jam
Millions are lost every day to cons and we must an end to this. You might be facing foreign lottery fraud, bogus investment schemes, and online scams which are designed to steal your identity and your savings. But guess what? The following scams mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg as there are new scams surfacing every single day everywhere, anywhere.

More about Scam Jam
The event is free!…

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Dangerously Deceptive Google Docs Phishing ScamHead’s up to all Google users (Google Drive, Gmail, Google +, etc.) out there. There is a new phishing scam wreaking havoc on the web, and unlike other phishing scams, this one is really tricky.

How it Works
You see, this scam will get to you in the form of an e-mail with the subject line “Documents” while the body of the e-mail points to a Google Docs link. You will actually be taken to a Google login page that looks legitimate. Because it makes use of a PHP script hiding deceptively in a Google Drive document, you have practically just handed hackers your Google login credentials just by clicking on the link.

Since the fake login page is hosted on Google’s servers and is served over SSL, you wouldn’t think it to be a phishing expedition, especially…

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