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Growing Up WILD Educator Workshop by Franklin Conservation District and Northwest Natural Resources Institute in Pasco, WAThe Franklin Conservation District and Northwest Natural Resources Institute are pleased to present the Growing Up WILD Educator Workshop in Pasco on August 15, 2016. The workshop will run from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. and will be held at Columbia Basin College, located at 2600 N 20th Ave., Pasco, WA. For more details, please visit the Franklin Conservation District's website.
About Growing Up WILD Educator Workshop
Growing Up WILD centers on educating children on subjects relating to the importance of nature and helps them explore the wildlife. The educator workshop aims to provide guides for all educators catering to children ages 3 to 7. It features 27 field-tested and several hands-on activities involving arts and crafts, music and movement,…

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Call Of The Wild - Summer Camp WSU Tri-Cities Richland, WashingtonLearn more about science and technology as the Western State University Tri-Cities located at 2770 Crimson Way in Richland invites middle and high school participants to join in the summer camp on Monday, July 6 from 8:30 in the morning to 12:00 in the afternoon.

Call Of The Wild - Summer Camp 
The summer science camps are held at the campus where you get to explore the wilds of nature by investigating predators in the air, beasts on land and underwater creatures. Experience and learn to track animals and identify signs left in nature. Dig into scat science and learn also about dissection, anatomy and defense tactics of animals. This animal adventure camp is perfect for those who want to be a veterinarian or someone who wants to know more about animals.…

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Bird Banding Demonstration at Chamna Preserve, RichlandEnjoy the outdoors and commune with nature as you join the Bird Banding Demonstration at the Chamna Preserve in Richland, Wa on April 2. The event is set to take place at 9 to 11AM.

Bird Banding Demonstration
This demonstration will give you a chance to see wild birds up close and personal. You’ll also learn many new things about birds like how these are captured, identified, measured, recorded, and banded. You will also find out how such information is used to study bird behavior and population dynamics.

Ed Rykiel, from the Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society, will conduct the demonstration. This is free for interested parties. For more information, please call (509) 942-7529.


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Earth Hour Night Hike at Chamna Natural Preserve in RichlandEach year, towards the end of March, Earth Hour is observed worldwide to raise awareness about the need to take action on climate change. The World Wide Fund for Nature organized this event to encourage households and businesses to do their part.

Normally, households and businesses are encouraged to turn off most, if not all, of the lights for one hour. However, other parts of the world exert more effort in taking action against climate change just like the Earth Hour Night Hike that will take place at the Chamna Natural Preserve in Richland on March 29.

Earth Hour Night Hike
This is an interpretive night hike in the Chamna Natural Preserve where only small flashlights will be used. If you’re joining, you need to dress appropriately in…

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Tri Cities Wa Great Outdoor ExpoKnown previously as the Outdoorsmen Expo, the Tri Cities Great Outdoor Expo is a retail event that features products, services, and information aimed towards outdoor enthusiasts. It is the only spring show throughout Eastern Washington that offers the best deals on virtually all products for every activity the great outdoors has to offer.

Experience the Great Outdoors
More than awesome deals on products, the Great Outdoor Expo will offer seminars to help you learn or re-acquaint yourself with various outdoor activity skills. Of course, this is also the perfect opportunity for you to buy fantastic outdoor gear and experience the great outdoors inside the TRAC in Pasco, Wa.

Expected to attend the expo are exhibitors and outdoor enthusiasts from…

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