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mountain in a pot imageThe Washington State University Extension Master Gardener Program will present the Mountain in a Pot event on June 8, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. The event will take place at the Waterfall Classroom, at Mid-Columbia Library, 1620 S. Union, Kennewick, WA. For more details, visit the website of Washington State University.

Mountain in a Pot: Creativity in Gardening

Mountain in a Pot is an event that will encourage all gardeners, regardless of skill level to be more creative in gardening. Participants are advised to bring a rock and a shallow dish and to be more imaginative in creating a mountain in a pot. For inquiries, call 509-545-5400 and look for Alice Allison.

Gardening can help ignite one's creativity. The gardener only has to be resourceful to come

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