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The BeansThe Beans: An Art Show by Arta Marie will be held on March 24, 2017, from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. The show will take place at DrewBoy Creative, at 285 Williams Boulevard, Richland, WA. For more details, please visit The Beans page at DrewBoy Creative's website.

About 'The Beans': An Art Show by Arta Marie
'The Beans' is an exhibit of beautiful artworks created by Arta Marie. Arta believes that life is 'The Beans', and encourages people to love the simplicity of life and learn to appreciate art for what it is. 'The Beans' will feature Arta's illustrative creations made of shapes and colors that will surely fascinate the audience.

'The Beans' is an event for 18 years old and above. Donation amounting to $4 per person is suggested. Don't miss it!

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