Perfect Kennewick Spring Time Weather

Because of its mild climate, the city of Kennewick makes it a sought-after place to raise a family. Most days of the year, and esepcially the spring, residents can enjoy countless outdoor activities. Golf has become a favorite sport among its locals thus Kennewick has become famous for its top rated golf courses. Its perfect weather has gained the region's reputation as a world class wine producing district. Vineyard tours are among the activities not to be missed. In the summer, boating and boat races abound. Not to mention a dip in the river would make warm nights even cooler and exciting. Should we say more? Come to Kennewick and experience year-long warmth and sunshine.

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1 Response to "Perfect Kennewick Spring Time Weather"

Lifestyle wrote: seems like a really nice place to visit!

Posted on Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 at 5:17am.