Deciding to buy a home is definitely a big decision for anyone, even more so for a couple just starting out. Many believe renting is the way to go but I beg to differ. Now is the best time to buy properties due to low market value of houses caused by the current economic crisis. You can be rest assured that, everything should sky rocket as soon as the economy stabilizes. The real estate industry will recover, it always does. If there was one thing people need, shelter would be on the top of almost everyone's list. There are however some things that the newlyweds need to be careful of. -    Money causes great tension in any relationship whether it be just blossoming or on its golden year. Money coupled with unmet Mortgage debts is a relationship killer. -    It's not her house. It's not his house. It's both your house. Learn to share and respect each other's opinion. With that being said, have equal responsibility on making payment arrangements. -    If there are things that can't be worked out, learn to compromise. -    Be open on matters regarding both party's financial circumstance and credit history. Posted by Colleen Lane on
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