Curbside Recycling in Richland Washington

Back in May Richland did a curbside recycling pilot project involving one neighborhood in South Richland, two in Central Richland, and one in North Richland. Residents involved in the pilot project reported using their recycling bins 75-100 percent of the time. Now the intended curbside recycling ordinance has gone before the Richland city council for the first time and was passed with a 5-1 vote. The ordinance would include yard waste collection to the garbage collection service and give an option for curbside recycling. The only downside to this ordinance would be that those who want curbside recycling would have to pay $5.70 a month in addition to the regular garbage collection service fee. The reason for the fee is that it costs the city more to handle recycling than it does for them to handle regular garbage. The ordinance will most likely be put before the city council either December 1 or December 15; it has to get placed before the city council twice.

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1 Response to "Curbside Recycling in Richland Washington"

David Volmut wrote: Did this measure go through? Is there now curbside recycling service offered in Richland?

Posted on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 at 4:01pm.