This week, Colleen was called for an interview on the current state of the housing market for our local KEPRTV news channel. I don't know if 1 minute of TV exposure qualifies for 'celebrity' status, but at our house I learned that we can scrub a house spotless in less than 15 minutes notice and only a celebrity could motivate our three pretty girls and two handsome boys to do that. We were given 15 minutes notice the reporter was on the way! Colleen admitted to me that she was very nervous, although on the outside she was as calm and composed as ever"”an amazing feat considering that the last time she was on TV was 24 years ago, on the game show, "Let's Make a Deal". While only one minute was used on TV, the whole interview lasted more than 30 minutes as Colleen answered all the questions very gracefully and intelligently. If you care to watch Colleen's 1 minute of fame, fast forward the video to where there is 3 minutes, 50 seconds remaining:

Colleen was also featured in this article/video as well!  :)

Handsome Bald DudeI be Joe Lane, the co-owner of The Lane Real Estate Team. The other owner, my beloved wife Colleen, wants nothing to do with the property management side of the real estate business, nor the website stuff. That's were I come in. With five children still at home, I don't blame her. You can call me most anytime at 509.308.5513 | Don't mess with a bald dude! Posted by Colleen Lane on
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