All Moms Meetup: Fun and Meaningful Celebration of Motherhood | Richland, WA

All Moms Meetup | Buckwheat Bottoms in Richland, WABuckwheat Bottoms is inviting every Mom, Mom-to-be, aspiring Mom, and Mom at heart to join the All Moms Meetup event on February 18, 2016. All Moms Meetup will start at 6:00 p.m. at Buckwheat Bottoms, 1386 Jadwin Ave., Richland, WA. Please visit Buckwheat Bottoms' website for the details of the All Moms Meetup event.

All Moms Meetup - Learn and  Love the Art of Motherhood
All Moms Meetup is a fun-filled event where guests can bring in something to eat for everybody to share. There will be conversations and laughters as Moms talk about or just listen to another's motherhood stories. Lessons will be learned and advices will be heard for everybody's benefit. Projects like crafts and coloring make the All Moms Meetup event even more fun. Moms will be asked to create a masterpiece out of the topic that will be chosen. Kids can come but they have to stay in the play area where catchy activities will be provided as All Moms Meetup and enjoy the gathering.

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