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OLYMPIA...As a member of the Washington State Gambling Commission, Sen. Jerome Delvin today announced his disappointment at the commission's Friday vote in favor of the Spokane Indian Tribe compact, a gaming proposal that will vastly increase the tribe's gaming machines and expand gambling in Washington – in direct opposition to the will of the voters. "For months, the commission learned how this gaming compact would add thousands more machines, give the state no revenue at all, reward the Spokane Tribe's illegal operations, and pave the way for off-reservation gambling," said Delvin, R-Richland. "In 2004, Washington voters said "˜NO' to expanding gambling in Washington by rejecting I-892. I kept faith with those voters by personally voting "˜NO' to the…
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The cities of Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland have jointly embarked on a study to identify a process to determine the best locations for regional facilities in the Tri-Cities. The approval, planning or funding for any of these facilities have not yet been determined. This meeting is informational in nature with a request for public comment. The Tri-Cities Oversight Committee consists of City Managers and Council members representing Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland. A total of 18 potential regional centers project concepts have been identified through this study. This includes consideration for a Regional Aquatics Center and a Performing Arts Center.  The Aquatics Center is intended to augment existing pools, provide greatly expanded indoor and outdoor…
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There are homes that are on the market for a very long time. When other properties around a house are selling and this one hasn't, it can cause potential buyers to be wary. Firstly, all homes are not equal, this is self-evident. Some are new, some are old, some have a modern design, some are small, others extremely large, some are just plain quirky! However, time and again it will be the seller who is responsible for the house not selling. Usually it's as simple as not listing the property at the price it is actually worth. An appropriate price is determined by the condition of the property and neighbourhood competition. Ultimately, at the right price all homes will be sold. And this puts the ball directly in the seller's court. A long-standing no sale

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Considering Richland Wa Homes for Sale? Well, Richland's Columbia River Exhibition of History Museum is an attraction to live for. Richland Wa is home to the excellent Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science, and Technology (CREHST) museum. The CREHST has both a museum and a science center to deliver the exciting story of the history of the Columbia Basin and land area. Two and three-dimensional displays provide visitors with an interactive experience with hands-on activities. An early styled irrigation system can be viewed, to that of the use of robotics, to present a variety of features that are available in the Columbia Basin area. Journey through prehistoric times at the Richland Wa Real Estate area and learn about the history and geology of the

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The Richland Wa Real Estate area was part of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery, the USA's first scientific expedition that was funded by the government. The Columbia and surrounding Rivers were mapped in detail, and information was also collected about soils, flora and fauna, and the indigenous inhabitants. President Thomas Jefferson commissioned Meriwether Lewis to strike forth and explore the western country of the USA all the way to the Pacific Ocean. This expedition was to become the first of many government sponsored surveys of the wealth of natural resources in the west of the USA. The Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration began in 2003, was held to enhance public awareness of the value of science as a way to understand the complex issues of

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The Kennewick Wa Real Estate area is located at the junction of the Yakima and Columbia Rivers and promises a wealth of fishing opportunities. Kennewick is a town of workers and tourists flock to fish the big ones in Kennewick pond. Officially, the opening for the lake-fishing season is April 29, as it is across the state. The Columbia Park Family Fishing Pond in the Kennewick Wa Real Estate region, receives its plant of rainbow trout almost a week before the annual event. The ponds are stocked with legal sized trout (8-10 inches) throughout the month of April. Any extra large trout are sterile, and have been especially cultivated by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife to provide more fishing opportunities in the area. In the past, the state has

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The majority of those who successfully sell their own property are the property owners who live in highly populated metropolitan market areas where property sales are more common. In a buyer's market or in rural areas it is much harder for properties that are for sale by owner (FSBO) to sell successfully. A buyer's market is when there are more home sellers than there are people to buy homes. This creates a situation where the homebuyers are exposed to a large range of property to choose from making it a more competitive market for the sellers. Homeowner's should opt for the FSBO option only where the local economy is doing well and it is a seller's market. To be considered a seller's market there needs to be more buyers then properties for sale. In a

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The Kennewick Wa Real Estate area hosts the Canyon Lakes Golf Course that has tee times available every day of the week. Groups of eight or more are able to make bookings at anytime, although all must wear appropriate shirts and no spikes are allowed. The 18-hole course is a Championship type and the course record is 62, set by O.J. Cavazos. Canyon Lakes was officially opened in 1981. The course has a Four Star rating by Golf Digest and at present is the highest rating course across the Tri-City district. Gold Digest also ranks Canyon Lakes in the top 200 of golf course across the USA. Hole #9 was nominated by Northwest Magazine as one of their dream 18 holes. And Hole #12 has become famous as the largest green in the Pacific Northwest. At present, Canyon

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Richland Wa Real Estate area provides an abundance of opportunities to experience nature and the city; walk along the glorious Columbia River, take in an outdoor concert or let the kids enjoy a variety of playgrounds. Richland city provides fishing, boating, and water skiing activities, and as a resident you are will have access to antique stores and wineries as well. For a vacation destination, or a place to live Richland Wa Real Estate region can provide fulfillment in the areas of work, sports and entertainment. There are three theatre troops in Richland, as well as medieval renaissance and folk life festivals for those who are young at heart and keen to explore alternative forms of socializing and community spirit. There is also a self-guided walking

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There's little doubt that we're borrowing more and there's also little doubt that credit is one of the great conveniences of modern life. That said, like Goldilocks, you want to borrow the amount that's just right – and no more. So what's the right level of debt? The loan qualification standards used by mortgage lenders are an important guideline. You can typically get that old standby – the fixed-rate, 30 year mortgage – if no more than 28 percent of your gross monthly income goes for mortgage principal and interest, property taxes and property insurance (PITI). In addition, as much as 36 percent of your gross monthly income can go to regular monthly costs – PITI plus car payments, credit card debt, school costs, etc. In addition, because they have

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