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About Tapteal Elementary School
Tapteal Elementary School is in West Richland, in the county of Benton. It is run by the Richland School District education agency. The school opened in 1978 and was named Tapteal Elementary School after the Native American name of the Yakima River. Approximately 500 students are sent to school by their parents knowing that they are in a safe, caring learning environment. There are twenty-eight teachers. Two of the staff are Nationally Board Certified, three underwent training with the Public Education and Business Consortium in Colorado. 

Tapteal Elementary School Hawks

Tapteal Elementary School's mathematics teacher specializes in this subject and aligns the instructions with Washington State’s Grade Level Expectations. The mathematics teacher is also a trainer in mathematics in the Richland School District. Tapteal Elementary School’s commitment is to develop strategies for reading at their grade level. In mathematics, students are trained not only to compute but also to explain and receive answers in many different ways.

Extracurricular Activities
There are many clubs the students can choose from at Tapteal Elementary School. The Circus Club is open to Third Grade through Fifth Grade students. They learn how to juggle, unicycle, and even walk on stilts. The Kid Calypso Steel Drum Band has thirty-two members from the Fourth and Fifth Grades. The talented group has performed around Washington State both for public and private events. Tapteal Elementary School has also performed at Disneyland, in Los Angeles. The Safety Patrol Club is for Fifth Graders who have been recommended by their teachers, passed the tests, and have their parent’s consent. Tapteal Elementary School experiences being good citizens to the community and role models to their fellow schoolmates. Tapteal Elementary School helps students cross the street, set up cones for buses, and raise both the American and the state flag and take it down. The K-Kids Club, which is sponsored by the Kiwanis and open to Fourth to Fifth Graders, works with professionals within their community who are role models. Children at Tapteal Elementary School learn how to develop leadership skills, self-esteem, and respect for others. The Art Club for Fifth to Fifth Graders busy themselves with projects like designing the club’s t-shirt yearly, joining state art contests, and painting the gymnasium’s climbing walls. Students also have the Chess Club for chess fanatics.

Approachable Leadership
Tapteal Elementary School is a place for learners who support each other. Tapteal Elementary School is not only the staff who lends their support but the parents and the community, as well. Through strong leadership, focused goals, and the quality of teaching, the staff performs the mission of the school, - that is to develop the student’s confidence, resourcefulness, and responsibility and to produce life-long learners and achievers.

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