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About Badger Mountain Elementary School
Badger Mountain Elementary School, which opened in 1978, is located in the county of Benton, in Richmond City and is under Richland School District education agency. Categorized as a Primary School, it offers Kindergarten to Sixth Grade to a population of approximately 670 students.

Staff and Students
The 31 devoted teachers undergo additional professional development trainings, as well as classes for personal improvement. The school’s curriculum is in line with the Essential Academic Learning Requirements. Created in 1993 by the State Commission on Student Learning, EARL defines expectations for student accomplishment in the areas of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Communication, Science, Arts, Social Studies, and Health and Fitness. The progress of every student and their individual needs are often monitored. The manner of teaching, as well as learning, is adjusted constantly if the need arises to ensure that the performance of the students improve. Personalized instruction stimulates the learning environment of the students. Students have the chance to take classes in Art, Music, Physical Education, and Technology. This is a part of the basic education of the students of Badger Mountain Elementary School.#idx-price-bar#

Activities and Curriculum
Students may join school clubs to be able to explore and identify their talents. Some of these clubs include the Destination Imagination, Homework Club, Circus Club, and Art Club. In 2003, the teams from Badger Mountain Elementary School won in the state competition and represented the state in the finals of the Destination Imagination. Second Steps for Kindergarten to Second Grade and Steps to Respect for Third Grade to Fifth Grade have been added to the school’s curriculum. Parents can help by being role models to children. Reiterate that reasoning out is okay but it should be done in a respectful manner. In this curriculum, students are taught to behave and to act properly when they are angry or when others are angry at them. Good manners, honesty, politeness, respect are also being taught. This program was added to stop bullying and encourage student responsibility and respectfulness.

Parental Involvement
The Parent-Teacher Organization plays an important role in the school. They have organized fund raising activities to be able to provide the school with computers, printers and a video projector for the computer laboratory. The school is focused on the commitment to giving the best opportunity to students and developing them to be life-long learners. The parents, staff, and the community are all encouraged to be a part of the children’s education to be able to fulfill the school’s motto that Badger Mountain Elementary School is a place for students to learn and build their dreams.

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