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About Carmichael Middle School
Located in Richland, Washington, in a mid-sized city setting, Carmichael Middle School is run by the Richland School District education agency. Categorized as a Middle School, it offers Sixth Grade to Eighth Grade. The approximate student population of 750 is taught by 41 hardworking and dedicated teachers. Within the campus is a library, two gymnasiums, thirty-five specialized rooms like the art studio, technology laboratories, band, choir, and life skills. There are also soccer fields, football fields, baseball fields, and basketball courts.

Class Offerings
Basic academic, elective, and exploratory classes like art, mythology, math imagination, Spanish, reading skills, band, choir, and technology are offered in Carmichael Middle School. Advanced mathematics classes are available for all levels. For high school credit, the students may take up algebra and foreign languages.

Extracurricular Activities
Students active in extracurricular activities do better academically according to research. There are different clubs to choose from depending on the interests of the student. The Builders Club teaches skills in teamwork and leadership through community service. The Art Club gives opportunities to seek and take art in different mediums. Math Club teaches equations and problem-solving. New clubs at Carmichael are Choir, Band, Drama, and Jazz.

Students Against Violence Everywhere or SAVE is a program offered to students to be able to identify and be aware of violence and its effects, for those who want to change their attitudes that may lead to violence. Sixth Grade students have the chance to develop their reading skills through extended day programs as well as opportunities to develop their math and writing skills. opportunities

Parents & Students
ParentConnect, which is accessible through the Internet, is available to parents who would like to be updated on their child’s development, from their homework to their attendance. In 2006, a piece for bass and viola composition by a student won first prize at the state’s PTA Reflections contest. In 2004, an essay about Biocard won first prize in the National Essay contest “Engineering is a Dream Career”.

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