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About Richland High School
Richland High School is located in the county of Benton, in central Richland, state of Washington, in a mid-sized city setting. It is managed by the Richland School District education agency and is categorized as a High School, offering Ninth Grade to Twelfth Grade. 82 teachers teach the approximately 2000 students, making up the student-teacher ratio of 24 students for every teacher. Caucasians make up most of the student population but the Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, and Indians complete the group. Richland High School was named Columbia High School when Richland High School was established. It was the only high school in Richland from 1910 to 1972.

The Student Body & Academics
Ninth and Tenth Graders are required to take six classes unless parent permission has been granted for them to leave school for an hour. Juniors are required to take at least five classes and free hour if allowed by their parents. It is very important that students come to Richland High School regularly to be able to master the educational program offered to them by the district. Among the courses offered in Richland High School is Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Studio Art, Computer, Accounting, Written Communication, World Languages (like Russian, French, German, and Spanish),

The Richland Bombers

Consumer Economics, Health, Computer Science, Family and Consumer Sciences and Language Arts. Other Richland High School courses open to all the students are Journalistic and Advanced Journalistic Writing, and Drama as Literature. Culminating Project will be required for the class of 2008. It is a project that will give students a chance to analyze their skills and abilities and plan for their future.

Coursework Focus
After Math Practice is available for students who need help with their homework, or if they need to catch up on lessons due to absenteeism. It's purpose is to improve the student’s WASL scores, their school grades and to improve student understanding of mathematics. The Career Center and Consumer Economics at Richland High School is where information about the different options the students have after high school like colleges and job opportunities can be found.#idx-price-bar#

Honors and Awards
In the past four years, Richland High School has received numerous honors and awards. In 2003, the school won championship at the Washington State Solo and Ensemble Vocal Competition’s First Soprano Division, United Spirit Association’s National Dance and Drill Competition, and the Richland High School’s girls’ soccer team was given academic state championship. In 2004, the school won first place awards in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Washington State Voice of Democracy Patriotic Essay contest and at the Washington State Solo and Ensemble competition. State championships were given to the girls’ soccer team and boys’ golf team. The student publication was honored with the Best Publication award in the Murrow Communication School Journalism contest and a high school junior was elected President of the state’s DECA. In 2005, state championship was given to the baseball team and the dance team won first place in the Novelty Division at the United Spirit Association’s National Dance and Drill competition. A Richland High School senior was also name the number one high school journalist in the state given by the Washington Journalism Education Association. And in 2006, Richland High School won championships in dance competitions and the WIAA.

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