River View High School

Finley river view high school panther.Part of Finley School District 53 and classified as a high school offering Ninth to Twelfth Grade, River View High School is located in the county of Benton in southeastern Washington and the city of Finley. Of the three cities, the other two being Pasco and Richland, and known as the Tri-Cities, Kennewick has the most population and is the largest city in Benton county. The Yakima River joins the Columbia River at Finley. It provides much of the water used for irrigation in Central Washington’s many orchards.

River View High School has approximately 338 students and 18 teachers, whichRiverview high school student. means 1 teacher for every 19 students. Majority of the student population is Caucasian, and some Hispanics and American Indians.

Finley River View High School has achieved Adequate Yearly Progress. It is one of the cornerstones of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act signed into law in January 2002, as the No Child Left Behind Act. In Washington, it is primarily a measure of the students’ yearly achievement in the Washington Assessment of Student Learning in Reading and Mathematics.

Focus on Improvement
Plans are also being implemented for the continuous teaching and learning improvement. One of these plans is to use Measures of Academic Progress or MAP. MAP is a state- aligned computerized adaptive assessment program that provides educators with the information they need to improve teaching and learning. MAP Mathematics, Reading, and Language Usage tests help all students learn. The assessments are unique because they adapt to every student’s ability, accurately measuring what a child knows and needs to learn. It also measures academic growth over time, independent of grade level or age. The test results provide educators with timely information that guides instructional planning and school improvement.#idx-price-bar#

Finley River View High School has just recently completed the accreditation process. It consisted of the reevaluation of the school’s goals and missions. It is also currently in the process of developing a new Technology Plan with a vision statement that the use and integration of technology are essential elements of successful academic achievement and productive living. The school’s staff will be trained to use technology to transform the nature of teaching and learning in order to improve student progress. The students will be taught how to use new skills as quickly as technology creates new challenges to be able to connect to the global community in the future.

River view panthersParental Involvement
According to a parent review, teachers are very helpful. They give individual attention when deemed necessary. Aside from all these academic improvements, Finley River View High School also believes that students’ character has to be molded to be able to walk to the right path. A clear, open communication with mutual respect, hard work, and perseverance is a necessary element towards success.

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