Finley Elementary School

Finley Elementary School

Finley Elementary School is located in Benton County and the city of Kennewick, in a mid-sized setting, operated by Finley School District education agency, classified as a regular, primary school, offering Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5. It is a Title I eligible school. Title 1 provides federal dollars to help supplement educational opportunities for children who live in high poverty areas who are most at risk of failing to meet the state's challenging content and performance standards.

The elementary school has 420 students, with a teacher-student ratio of 1 teacher for every 17.5 students. Different races comprise the school’s population majority of which is Caucasian.

School Programs
In line with the school’s goal to produceFinley elementary school student achievers, several programs are being implemented - Harcourt Trophies reading/language arts program provides the full range of resources and support the teachers need to deliver research-based, motivational instruction for all learners. The focus of the program progresses from learning to read to reading to learn. The computerized Accelerated Reader Program, which is the most widely used computerized reading program in the world, is aimed at developing the students’ love for reading. The school-wide reporting system is specifically correlated with Washington State’s Essential Academic Learning Requirements to update and elevate the standards of academic achievement and improve student performance in Washington State to prepare them for living, learning and working successfully in the 21st century. The Make Your Day program’s important elements are free will and choice allowing students to make choices providing them with opportunities to learn through their successes and failures.

Parental Involvement
The school acknowledges that parents who are involved in their child’s academic life have a profound effect on the child’s ability to learn and that involved parents also help instill in their children an appreciation for learning that can last a lifetime. The Parent-Teacher Group, through their invaluable support through fund raising activities, has provided materials and classroom supplies for the children’s use. Fun activities for the students and families have also been a part of the group’s agenda.#idx-price-bar#

Elementary School Staffing
The Finley Elementary School’s staff believes that basic skills in Reading, Mathematics, and Language are of the highest priority in the children’s education and by recognizing and adapting the different learning styles of each student, academic standards will be raised.

Classroom volunteering or applying what is learned in the classroom to real world situations and youth athletics which help develop personal and social attributes like hard work, determination, courage is believed to ultimately improve student learning. The school recognizes that respectful communication is an important element of a successful, high performance Finley school district.

Finley Washington Elementary School’s mission is to provide a safe, positive learning environment that enables students to use his natural and learned talents to become productive, responsible members not only of the community but of the world.

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