Finley's Climate

Finley weatherThe state of Washington has two major climate zones, which are separated by the Cascade Mountain Range. With the Cascades absorbing moist ocean air, Finley’s climate is characterized by a low level of humidity and precipitation compared to the national average.

Finley’s temperatures are about on par with national averages. In the spring, expect average temperatures of 40-60 degrees. In the summer, average temperatures range from 60-70 degrees, with highs of up to 90. Average fall temperatures range from 45 to 65 degrees, and in the winter, expect temperatures to range between 20 and 40 degrees, with about a 30-degree average.


Finley’s precipitation is much lower than the national average of three inches per month. Average rainfall in Finley is between 0.5 and 1 inch per month.

In the spring and summer months, Finley’s humidity level tends to be lower than the national average. The national morning average ranges from 70-90% in the summer, and the afternoon average from 50-60%. In Finley’s summer, the morning average humidity is around 60-70%, and in the afternoon, around 25-35%. Humidity levels begin to rise in the fall, and in the winter months, closer to national averages of around 80% in the morning and 70% in the afternoon.

Wind Speed
Wind speed in Finley (in miles per hour) is within the national average range. Wind speed peaks in the spring with winds of up to nine miles per hour decreasing throughout the summer, and falls to around seven miles per hour during the winter months.

Snowfall during the Finley winter is about the same as the national average. Low levels of snowfall may begin as early as October, with up to one inch. Snowfall may increase up to three inches throughout November, up to six inches in December, and peaks at seven inches in January. Snowfall decreases rapidly in February and March. April may see half an inch of snow at most, and snowfall after the middle of May is rare.

From March through October, sunshine hours per day in Finley are within the range of the national average, ranging from 50% in March, peaking at 80% in July, and dropping back to 50% in October. From November through February, sunshine hours per day are somewhat fewer than the national average, ranging from around 40% in November to 25% in December and January.

Cloudy Days
In the winter months, Finley experiences up to 70% cloudy days. This peak occurs in December and January but quickly reduces throughout spring to reach a low of 10% during the summer months. The frequency of cloud-free days reaches around 60% during the summer, with around 30% of days during this period being partially cloudy.

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